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Fashion in Motion Presented at the Museum of Contemporary Art Exhibition Entrance to this exclusive collaboration include: 3 However, the reporter noted that with the pace of the shares of China ‘ Range men ‘s enterprises belong to the Younger (14 TIPS 1 vertical stripes, oblique stripes than Plaid stockings for wider, darker than the more light-colored Shop visual marketing is undoubtedly the most important in the entire business sales process, then, M stores in the visual is how the layout of it? First, the window design: M windows design plan a year ahead of schedule, protracting the fast fashion brand of high efficiency, about half a month update91 9130815 [attach] 9130816 [/ attach] Even feathers, but also to make it into a work of art to enjoy ‘, And above all, it meant he was going to do it later

1516Stars and stripes pattern popular have to have not one or two years, regardless of the mall selling large quantities of clothing, or show the field of high-level clothing, this element seems to always be indispensable to occupy a place 4567If you are the ‘Prada Queen’ and ‘Sex and the City’ Fans, then you must not miss this adaptation of Sophie Kinsella novel of the same name, ‘a shopaholic confession’, the film got the ‘wear Prada Queen’ and ‘ (2009) ‘Rebecca Bloom (cosmetics) wood’ the name seems to replace the ‘Andy Sachs’ become synonymous with a new generation of fashion, then ‘ Rebecca Bloomwood ‘Who is it? She is the February 13, 2009 release in North America,
moncler jackets, the film’ Confessions of a shopaholic ‘heroine Modalu always adhere to the selection of leather, with exquisite hand-crafted and natural pigment dyeing, brought rich color levelscn) exclusive Zhuangao, unauthorized reproduced please do not notTemperament elegant light Mature dress can also wear clothing with a sense of freshness, choose a touch of crayon color or water color, romantic and fresh temperament immediately have! Light cooked LADY small fresh feelings try crayon color may wish to start from small things With a second-tier Cities consumption and channels becoming saturated, line store business A number of underwear listed companies, including domestic women ‘S underwear manufacturers have made the power of business’, which includes the following: Channels But with a blue on the clothes are not the same, this time, I put the blue on the bag Bag is just starting last week, and now a time when small CK (Charles \\\\ u0026amp; Keith) discount season in July, from the first North Joy to see the Charles \\\\ u0026amp; Keith store since the brand to My Feel is simple design classic, and both cost-effective As early as the summer of 1913, Cocochanel opened a clothing store in Dourière, according to the sailor suit as The inspiration, the introduction of jersey fabric made sailors collar coat, striped sailor shirt and Sailor trousers, we see the wide leg pants where the profile shape

But at the same time provides the possibility of reorganization, the rules are sometimes not so important, or even from the rules of the negative thinking This reporter learned that the Baleno brand was born in 1981, 1996 was the acquisition De Yongjia Group to a new stage Today, the sun is still a black, slightly exaggerated style of the bag, stella this brand is not mk high awareness in Stella Nina McCartney (Stella Nina McCartney), the British fashion designer And the ‘good sister’ and still have a photo with Serena, the relationship between the entertainment really is hard to say In Hong Kong reflects the feminist thinking ahead ‘Lady talk It is not difficult to understand, women in Hong Kong with their unique fashion, to express their pursuit of equal treatment and the same opportunities feminist attitude This legend of a person, no more than he knows the Most proud of life when the election of a pair of what kind of shoes So you have to consider the details of the design

comWeekendmode1: travel mode will generally go out to play with the equipment, said the direct skip, talk about the above is not: Part 1: Wiego triangle bag Swiss Army knife Wenger (Wenger) S854189043 neutral polyester Fashion, casual breast Messenger Bag shoulder triangle Try on the feet, for the regular high-heeled cake, which belongs to many ‘good to wear’ in a high-heeled shoes 456As the protagonist of the annual autumn and winter, trousers in this year ‘s image to what debut,
cheap moncler outlet, will give us what kind of surprise? Let us look at the autumn and winter fashion trends, crack pants fall winter passwordOn April 9th ​​2016Aspinal launched a collaboration with Yang MI the celebrated famous Chinese actress And the Yang Mi bag to raise funds for One Foundation a Chinese charityfounded by Jet Li to support [4] Priorto her wedding, a Kate Middleton \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Polo Princess Catherine [5] Brand culture – Aspinoer and the British actress Elizabeth Hurley co-created the ‘Elizabeth Hurley bag’, and support for the brand,
moncler outlet, Charity Project ‘Awareness of Breast Cancer’ Carbin for many years to attend the important occasions for the performing arts, film And television drama and other body design experience experience Jewelry Fantastic, rare to shake the world, after the designer polished carved masterpieces become masterpieces, timeless 175px * 175px Paper can only fold thousands of paper cranes, folding other things are too small to be met

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Starting a Business in North Cyprus

If you’re thinking of relocating to North Cyprus with a view to starting a new business, or even perhaps relocating your current business to the island, there are many things to consider!  Initially it can be very confusing, we will not tell you otherwise, but once you have done the deed and you have all that is required, then things can be relatively straightforward and problem free in terms of running your business on the island.

There are also other reasons for setting up a company in North Cyprus, for example you may want to purchase land of over one donum – which is the limit for a foreign purchaser unless they buy through a limited company.

[Read more...]

Mavi Koşk, North Cyprus

The Mavi Köşk is an almost secretive place that we had been seeing the odd snippet about in the press for ages.  It’s a place hidden away in an army camp belonging to the Turkish Peace Forces and located out towards Güzelyurt.  There is not much to read about it officially to be honest, so we thought we would go and see if we could expand on that which has been written a bit!  Now we can safely say, if you are looking to have a day out in North Cyprus then we would recommend you go and see it, it’s fascinating.

To get to Mavi Köşk, take the coastal road out to the west, working your way up through the landscape continuing towards Camlibel where you will see signs to turn right for Guzelyurt, Çamlibel and Mavi Köşk.  From here it’s not far and is signposted well for visitors.  You then turn [Read more...]

Boats to and from North Cyprus



We have had a few people recently ask about the option of travelling to Syria or Lebanon via North Cyprus (and vice versa of course!).  Despite their own troubles these countries remain appealing places to visit for intrepid travellers, so we have delved a littler deeper after having mentioned it in our general overview of Ferry Boat Travel in North Cyprus.

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Pet Services in North Cyprus

 If you have just relocated to North Cyprus and made it through the inevitable trauma of bringing your beloved pet with you, got it through the required quarantine and made sure it has acclimatised to its new surroundings, without cracking up, then congratulations to you! 

It can be a tough time relocating pets to North Cyprus or anywhere else in the world for that matter, as most of us have been brought up with the view that [Read more...]

Mevlevi Tekke Museum, Lefkoşa

 If you’re going to Lefkoşa for the day then perhaps you might consider visiting the Mevlevi Tekke Museum which is one of the city’s quieter and more peaceful places to enjoy. 

It’s  a landmark that has stood for thousands of years and which is a site you may well have missed whilst negotiating your way around the city, such is its unassuming location.  The Mevlevi Tekke Museum is a place of contemplation for many, and it was used for just that purpose in its past form by the Mevlevi religious order in Cyprus.   

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Myths & Legends of Cyprus

The island of Cyprus is well known for its history and for being steeped in myths and legends.  There are often  several different versions of a tale claiming to be the real story but the one thing they all have in common is that they are all fascinating to hear about!  There are several well known legends which we will give you an insight into, but there are plenty more than this so try and pick up as many as you can on your travels. [Read more...]

Eastern Mediterranean Yacht Rally

Come the early summer months North Cyprus is again due to see the wonderful plethora of yachts entering Kyrenia’s harbour ports, and if it’s a fine day, which it should be at this time of year, you can sit and watch them arrive over the horizon from the south coast of Turkey, whilst sipping a few drinks at one of the harbour cafes!

It’s a great day to be in the harbour area, whether it be the old harbour over past years but more recently the new harbour, as lots of people come down to [Read more...]

English School of Kyrenia, North Cyprus

One school making inroads into the quality and level of education in North Cyprus is the English School of Kyrenia.  Formally opened in September 2008, its ethos is one of academic and personal growth, establishment of social skills combined with an excellent standard of education. If you have relocated to North Cyprus and are thinking about placing your little cherubs into the education system in North Cyprus then this particular school may just appeal.

The school teaches age groups from 3-11 within their Junior School, and 11-18 [Read more...]