Mobile Telephone Operators in North Cyprus

North Cyprus has two mobile service operators, namely KKTCell (Kuzey Kıbrıs Turkcell) which everyone calls Turkcell which is actually the parent company based in Turkey.  This company’s numbers start with 0533; and then there’s Telsim which is now owned in part by Vodafone, this company’s numbers start with 0542.

Both companies can offer competitive service rates, with GPRS, 3G as well as standard tariffs available.  It’s who you prefer really, although KKTCell does seem to have a hold on the market at present.  They both also offer your itemised billing via email, and have English speaking staff at their offices which are in all major towns and villages and even in some supermarkets.  Staff can assist you with any problems that you may have with a phone or help you configure your phone for any number of applications and services.

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North Cyprus Postal Service

Besides all other forms of communication here in North Cyprus, there is still the good old trusty ‘snail mail’ postal service too!

The postal service here is run by PTT and there are offices in all major cities, towns and villages.  Postage stamps can be purchased in many denominations, and a normal standard weight letter will cost you around 50krs (20p) to post to most European destinations.  Delivery times vary, but more often than not it will take at least week to reach its destination.

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Water Supply in North Cyprus

What can we tell you about water in North Cyprus, apart from the fact that this small island doesn’t have much?

The situation in recent years has become more and more serious, and in other related articles we will attempt to educate and inform people about this issue – which is not about to go away in the foreseeable future, as weather predictions show that more dry and hot weather is likely in the years to come.

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North Cyprus Electric Supply

Some general electrical information for you first, and that is that North Cyprus runs at 220/240v AC 50HZ 240, and wall sockets are generally of the U.K. three-pin type plug variety.  However, lots of items that you will purchase in TRNC will be of the two-pin plug type, and therefore it is wise to purchase some plug adaptors which you can get in supermarkets or from any electrical retailer.

Electricity can also be a very expensive commodity!  This is usually due to the fact that you have air conditioning running all summer long, and then you need heating in the short winter too.  This all uses up lots of electricity and you can find that your monthly bill is far higher than you would have perhaps paid in other European countries for instance.

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Internet in North Cyprus

With regards to the communication super-highway, it feels like North Cyprus has jumped miles ahead in a very short space of time!

Just a few years ago we were all using dial-up connections, waiting an age for our computers to connect us to the rest of the world, and just generally feeling frustrated at the time it took to do anything remotely web based.  However, things have really taken off here, and North Cyprus is now firmly ahead of other countries in terms of the multitude of internet connectivity options available to us.  Whatever your requirements, from home use to business on the move to office networking, there is a solution available, and for those of us who use Skype on a regular basis, the faster options are perfect!

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North Cyprus Television

These days in North Cyprus you can have pretty much anything you like in the way of television, ranging from local channels to satellite packages.  Below are the main options available to you.

There are local channels which can be viewed via a small ariel installation such as BRT 1, 2 and 3, part of the Bayrak International Group of media companies, which broadcasts English speaking programmes.

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Gas Supply in North Cyprus

As mains gas is still a rarity in North Cyprus, unless you’re prepared to pay between £3,000-5,000 for the priviledge of having it installed at your property that is, most people just use gas for heating via gas heaters and for cooking.  Hobs are usually powered by gas, and when your hob is fitted you will need a connector pipe which hooks up the bottle to the hob.

LPG gas comes in various shaped bottles, from large ones for your cookers or small ones for use with lamps that are mainly used if there is a power cut!  You can purchase bottles from most petrol stations, and some of the smaller supermarkets will stock them too.  When the bottle runs out, you just take it back and get another.  However, the main gas suppliers will also run a door-to-door delivery service in most areas.

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Radio Stations in North Cyprus

Here in North Cyprus you can choose from various radio stations to suit your tastes.  Bayrak International (formerly BRT), was formed in 1963 and broadcasts on 87.8/105FM and is one of the favourites here.  It broadcasts local news and events, interviews people of interest, has a women’s hour, hosts debates and even plays some music too!  The station also has news in Turkish, Greek and English, and even has an online broadcast that you can sign up to as well at Bayrak International.

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North Cyprus Media

North Cyprus has an abundance of information or ‘media’ to choose from these days, including us of course (!), and you can also buy British newspapers and magazines from most supermarkets and newsagents if you want to keep up with what’s happening back in Blighty.  There has been a regular offering of local newspapers and magazines in the past, but some come and go so we will only detail the larger players for you.


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North Cyprus Telephone Service

North Cyprus, like just about anywhere else in the world, has a good old-fashioned telephone system!  The international calling code for North Cyprus is 00 90 followed by 392 and the number you wish to call.  Area codes for the major cities can be recognised as each area has a specific initial number so you always know where it is you are calling with Kyrenia always starting with an 8, Lefkosa with a 2 and Famagusta a 3.

You may be lucky enough to have a landline already installed at the property you own, if so hoorah and lucky you, because the majority of people do not have such a luxury!  And it’s no use in wondering how long it will take to get a landline connected either, this is due to old systems being unable to cope with the volume of lines required, and a severe lack of investment in years gone by, all leading to a rather antiquated and often unreliable service, hence our reliance on the mobile networks.

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