Qigong in North Cyprus

 Qigong.  Pardon, what did you say?!  Ok, so the name looks a bit strange and you may have to look at it twice to be able to pronounce it, but on researching for this ancient Chinese practise we now can’t stop saying it!

Qigong, also known as Chi Kung, has been used for over 4,000 years both as a medical healing exercise and a spiritual development aid.  We were surprised to learn that it has been practised here in North Cyprus for some years too, and in turn is now a popular practise amongst locals and expats.  Not having the first clue as to what it was all about, a little digging resulted in a taste for trying it, [Read more...]

Alternative Therapies in North Cyprus

There is a long way to go in North Cyprus with regard to introducing alternative therapies and medicine into the mainstream, but there are signs that a change is in the air, mostly from the European community, who perhaps have realised that there is a need for alternatives to drugs and placebos.

You can find a lot of alternative therapists on the great little Buzz Book website, www.thebuzzbook.com, and listed under ‘medical.’  You may be pleasantly surprised at the different types of practices available to treat a variety of ailments and illnesses.  In this article we will detail as many as possible, giving you information on the people to contact and their speciality!  Please be advised though that we are not aware of their individual qualifications, so make sure that you ask in advance of any treatment.

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State Hospitals & Healthcare in North Cyprus

North Cyprus operates a fairly modern state run healthcare system, albeit still a little behind the times in places.  However, it is perfectly acceptable for the majority of the population, although expatriates may also prefer to have the addition of private health insurance if they can afford it.

First things first, and that is North Cyprus is at present not a member of the EU, and therefore the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) will not be valid at any medical facility here, whether state or private.

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Private Healthcare in North Cyprus

The private healthcare sector in North Cyprus is one which you should feel comfortable about if you are considering relocating to live here.  Should you ever need treatment for any number of ailments or illnesses, or require emergency treatment such as surgery, then there are excellent and well equipped facilities to deal with pretty much every eventuality.

Expatriates who reside in North Cyprus can of course take out their own health insurance, and this may be advisable.  Health insurance is available through many of the insurance companies and agents operating in North Cyprus which can offer a range of policies to suit your requirements, usually through the larger health insurance companies in Turkey.  It is also possible to obtain health insurance direct via large international companies such as BUPA for example.

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