Shipping Goods to North Cyprus

Do not be afraid’ is our first tip!  Moving your prized lifetime’s belongings to North Cyprus can be a relatively hassle and stress free experience as long as you have done your homework.  There are many companies which deal with freight to the island, and most people enjoy a good shipping experience – well, as good an experience as is ever possible when your new life depends on your belongings arriving shortly behind you!

Also, based on the assumption that most people reading this article will be either British or European, we will offer recommended shippers that are based in the UK but which also operate on an international scale.

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Obtaining a Driving License in North Cyprus

Having purchased a car here in North Cyprus it is important to actually make sure that you can legally drive it!  Fortunately, as European driving standards are classed as being far superior to those in North Cyprus, (you’ll soon realise why!), you won’t have an issue with obtaining a TRNC license, and you will not be required to sit through another driving test!

There are a few important pointers though, as there is a timeframe of three months in which to get your license once you have the car bought and registered in your name, otherwise this could mean problems if you are stopped by police on a routine roadside check, or if you are involved in an accident.

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