Karaman Property, North Cyprus

Having made the decision to purchase a property but perhaps not found the right spot in which to buy in North Cyprus?  Well perhaps we can introduce you to a lovely spot!  If the following are the criteria: peace, quiet, tranquillity, seclusion, nature, views, traditional, then please read on!

We recently looked with some friends at various properties in Karaman up in the Kyrenia mountain range – only a 10 minute drive to central Kyrenia, but a place which offers those who want to get away from it all, whether on holiday or permanent basis, the peace and quiet that they desire.

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North Cyprus Property Referral Service

Can we help you to find the perfect home in North Cyprus?

It’s most peoples dream to own their own holiday home in the sun or even move lock stock and barrel to a new country to start a new life in their retirement years.  The need to find a more relaxed lifestyle, where there are no hassles is more and more important in every day life.

Do you want to find a place where you can take some time to relax and enjoy a perfect climate away from the hussle and bussle of city life, live within a peaceful community where crime free streets are the norm and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to live your everyday lives?  We don’t think we really need to answer the obvious do you!

Wherever in the world you choose to buy a home it will often seem daunting, sometimes exhausting and definitely, we are sure you would agree, stressful at times.  Many people experience worry about whether they are doing the right thing and if they are making the right decisions.

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Property & Property Buying, North Cyprus

The majority of people who want to purchase property here in North Cyprus are not necessarily seasoned property investors who know the ins and outs of the international property game, rather they are people like us who dream of holiday homes or retirement properties in the sun.

Based on our own personal experiences of buying a property here in North Cyprus, we at Essential Cyprus have put together this article as a quick run down of the buying process and some tips about where to find more information.

Firstly, our advice is come to North Cyprus with a fixed idea of your budget in mind, and always factor the purchase costs into your total budget as well because remember that you will have to pay for legal work, transfer of title, taxes and duties too.  It is all too easy to just add on another few thousand pounds here and there when agents show you properties outside your budget range – so unless you have set your own terms in advance, you could struggle and overstretch yourself!

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