GÜZELYURT, North Cyprus

Güzelyurt is almost the last major town on North Cyprus’s north west coast – although Lefke sits slightly further west and inland.  You will also find Güzelyurt referred to as Morphou, which is the Greek name for the town.  The translation of Güzelyurt depends on the sources you read and the people you speak to, but it basically means ‘beautiful native country’ or ‘fatherland’ – while neither is a perfect literal translation, both meanings get right to heart of the matter and that is that Güzelyurt and the surrounding villages in North West Cyprus are stunningly beautiful, rich and fertile.

Güzelyurt is said to have been inhabited since Bronze Age times, and it was also a major centre for copper mining during its history.  Today, it is more commonly associated with being the citrus growing centre of North Cyprus.  Under the British rule the town was also a major part of the transportation network, it was connected by rail to Lefkoşa and Famagusta  mainly for transporting of copper.

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Çamlibel, North Cyprus

Çamlibel (pronounced Chamlibell) is located inland on the western side of North Cyprus, around 15 miles from the harbour town of Kyrenia.  You can reach it by driving west along the coastal road, past the town of Karşıyaka carrying along this road when it turns inland and up through high slopes and past the town and reservoir of Geçitköy.

A traditional Turkish Cypriot village it has very little in the way of an expat community being so off the beaten tourist trail, but it is home to a large contingent of Turkish army personnel.  It’s also not far from Tepebaşı another traditional Cypriot village which hosts the popular Tulip Festival each year.

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Lefke, North Cyprus

The town of Lefke, located inland just to the south of Güzelyurt, has a bright past and was one of the few towns to have seemingly been valued enough during Ottoman times to have warranted investment and infrastructure development.

The area around Lefke is a mixture of coastline and low-lying mountains which form part of the Troodos range.  The land of the region is very fertile with natural watercourses effectively feeding it, and Lefke is famous for its ‘Yafa’ oranges as well as dates, plums and walnuts.  In its more recent history, Lefke was also part of the copper mining operation area with land being leased to the Cyprus Mining Corporation (CMC);  the nearby port of Gemikonagi was used for transportation.

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Koruçam, North Cyprus

Koruçam, (pronounced Korucham), or Kormacit in North Cyprus is located in the Güzelyurt region on the north west coast of the island and it lies slightly inland in between the villages of Kayalar and Çamlıbel.  It is mainly a Maronite settlement with people from the Greek Orthodox Christian faith making up the majority of the population.  Koruçam seems to sit in a basin, so a short walk above the town will give a good view of the surrounding areas, and you can also see out to sea.

Koruçam can be reached by travelling west on the coast road, turning right at the signs for Kayalar, and following the scenic coastal road before turning left inland at signs for Koruçam, or alternatively follow the main mountain road for Güzelyurt and turn right at the signs for Koruçam.

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