Cross Border Shopping, North Cyprus

Before 2003 if you lived in North Cyprus you could only shop in North Cyprus, but with the opening of the Ledra checkpoint in the heart of Lefkosa in April 2003, locals and European shoppers alike were able to explore the delights of what the south of the island had to offer.

Although officially there are duty restrictions in place, which at present are set at a limit of goods worth135 euro per person for shoppers coming back through to the north, there are not too many searches of goods purchased as you come back through the checkpoints – at the moment!  There are also plans to raise this limit to between 250-300 euros (presently it’s 260 Euros for shoppers going back through to the south), and although progress is slow it is likely that this will become reality in the not too distant future.  Sadly the effect on trade and related services since the opening of checkpoints has not been as fruitful as previously anticipated with Turkish Cypriots not feeling the full benefit of trading with their Greek Cypriot counterparts.

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Club & Disco Scene, North Cyprus

Living in or visiting North Cyprus you’ll probably be pleased to know that there is plenty of nightlife available – and whether you’re a pub fan or a dancing queen (!), there is a wealth of night-time activity to keep you occupied.  Not being of pensionable age just yet, it was one of the first things that we checked out anyway!

Don’t get us wrong, North Cyprus is as peaceful and tranquil as you want it to be, but once in a while it’s nice to know that you are not far from some entertainment like dancing, singing or just listening to some good music within a disco atmosphere for example.  We have also covered the pubs and bars of North Cyprus in a separate article if you’re not a disco lover!

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Spa Therapy, North Cyprus

If you like a little pampering every now and again then you are in for a wonderful treat in Northern Cyprus as it has an excellent assortment of spas offering relaxing and pampering at affordable prices in some really quality establishments.   All can offer packages to suit your requirements, whether you are a holidaymaker or a resident.

In the last few years the growth of the spa scene in North Cyprus has been quite astonishing particularly thanks to the arrival of new 5 star hotel resorts which incorporate spa facilities.  There is now an abundance of options available to those who wish to either spend a few days in luxury accommodation whilst enjoying a spa schedule tailored to their requirements, or who want to just have a day at the spa where they can totally relax and unwind.

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Shopping in North Cyprus

Shopping – don’t we love it!!  Well, in North Cyprus you are spoilt for choice when it comes to what you can buy and where you can shop, whether you’re in the market for practical items such as DIY materials, food etc., or indeed you want to indulge in shopping for pleasure for gifts, clothes and entertainment.

Besides just looking around the offerings on the north side of the island, there is now the opportunity to partake of some cross-border shopping too.  Since April 2003 when the borders were opened,  shoppers have been able to purchase items which are not readily available in North Cyprus, or to treat themselves to some items from western chain department stores.

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Pubs & Bars in North Cyprus

There are at least as many bars and pubs in Northern Cyprus as there are restaurants – which should tell you that there is a wide choice available to keep everyone happy whatever their own personal pub or bar preference.

We have split our article into sections so that you can see what kinds of venue cater for your preferred bar or pub experience choice, and which should give you an idea of the wide choice of venue type available too.  From family friendly to entertainment pubs offering activities such as karaoke or quizzes, from late night music bars to your good old fashioned English style pub, we have them all in TRNC.  You can also find out more about the music club scene in our related article which gives details on some of the clubs to dance the night away in.

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Gyms & Fitness in North Cyprus

Aside from many of the fantastic hotels in North Cyprus which have a wealth of sporting and leisure facilities and amenities for guests and non-residents, there are also many private businesses serving the requirements of those in search of something to keep them active and entertained.

In fact, North Cyprus is home to a surprisingly high number of gyms, spas, sporting facilities and ‘social’ keep fit groups for such a small nation, and if you’re thinking of moving to live on the island or you’re just an active person coming on holiday to North Cyprus and hoping to keep fit during your stay, then there is plenty to tell you about.

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