Kervan Pizza Terrace, North Cyprus

If you are here on holiday in North Cyprus (or living!) and are wondering about where to go for some good value food with a great view to relax and unwind to, and take in some of the calm Mediterranean waters, then why not try and Kervan Pizza Garden.  You are also likely to hear it referred to Kervan Pizza or Kervan Terrace amongst others, but we have used the name they use on their own sign outside the restaurant for originality!

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Number 14 Restaurant, Turkish Quarter, North Cyprus

Being invited out to dinner these days is quite a treat so it was a happy chappy who agreed to try out the new a la carte Number 14 restaurant in Kyrenia, located within the old the Turkish Quarter.  The local grapevine has been buzzing with good reviews of a lovely evening out in smart surroundings with a mouth-watering menu on offer.  Time to try it ourselves, being suckers for posh nosh in North Cyprus!

It would be rather pointless to offer directions to the venue, but if you know other landmarks such as Miss Knottleys or the Taekwondo gym then you will find it.  It’s actually located at the home of proprietors Cliff and Kay Hughes-Morgan and the property is called Yazade House.  It might be therefore advisable to give them a call on the number at the end of this article if you are unsure! [Read more...]

Mani Peni Pizza Restaurant, Kyrenia

Having now eaten at this super restaurant umpteen times over the last year or so, we thought it was high time a review was written!  Mani Peni’s is a small eatery located to the east of Kyrenia town centre, on the new harbour roundabout.  Take the turning to go down to the harbour and you will see it on your right hand side, just opposite the football ground. [Read more...]

Dining & Restaurants in North Cyprus

You will be pleased to know that when eating out in North Cyprus there are a broad range of choices available in terms of cuisine and restaurant type, so broad in fact that it can be quite overwhelming at times!  You can eat out at a different establishment every night of the week if that’s your preference, or eat at home with a variety of take-away and delivery services to choose from.

There is also the opportunity to have a real treat with some very top notch cuisine available on the island at some highly sophisticated establishments; and with the opening of more 5 star hotels there are more and more 5 star cooking standards available, providing a vast array of exquisite buffet style menus, as well as international franchised restaurants within some hotel’s premises.  Hotel dining is certainly worth considering if you are looking to eat somewhere a little bit special.

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Turkish Cypriot Restaurants, North Cyprus

Traditional Turkish Cypriot cuisine is full of healthy ingredients, and if you perhaps enjoy the thought of trying lots of different dishes in small amounts then you need to visit one of the many quality Turkish Cypriot restaurants so that you can familiarise yourselves with all the culinary options available, and rest assured there are many to try!

If you’re not familiar with Turkish Cypriot cuisine then you’re in for a treat as you will experience dishes influenced by Mediterranean, Southern European and Middle Eastern cooking, with plenty of variation to keep your interest going throughout the whole meal.

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North Cyprus European & International Dining

With the rise in demand for more than just local fare in North Cyprus, and with those in the tourism industry seeking to boost the appeal of the island with a wider variety of offerings being made available, there are now many more eateries to try which cater for different palates and tastes. 

You can enjoy international dining in many of the 5 star hotel establishments, as well as at some independent eateries which feature their own internationally flavoured dishes.  And whatever you fancy, you can probably eat a different type of international or European dish every night of the week in TRNC for quite some time!

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Takeaways & Fast Food in North Cyprus

Northern Cyprus is probably the last place on earth untouched by the fast food giants like Macdonald’s, Burger King, KFC and Pizza Hut – which means that others have been free to develop their own fast food outlets offering a far wider, less restricted choice.

The popular Simit Dünyası chain, found in most towns, offers a good choice of pides (traditional bread type pizzas), simits (baked dough rings covered in sesame seeds), pizzas and other various other offerings, all are fairly cheap and ready to take away or eat in.  Another successful chain on the island offering the same kind of thing is Dano Patisserie where you can also try some of their yummy sweet cakes or freshly baked breads.

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North Cyprus À La Carte Dining

Even though we understand that the true definition of the French term À la carte is ‘from the card,’ and that the term is generally used to suggest that a restaurant offers an open menu where individual meal choices are detailed with a separate price for each item, we are cheating slightly and using this phrase to give you our take on fine dining in North Cyprus

If you fancy a special meal or evening out whilst visiting or living in North Cyprus, there are a number of venues that cater for those times when you would like to spoil someone perhaps or host a birthday party or some other special occasion where a more quality and à la carte menu is required!

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Hotel Dining, North Cyprus

We have so far managed to write quite a few articles on the dining out and eating in options available in North Cyprus, and we can certainly add one more to the list – namely ‘hotel dining.’ 

With the prolific hotel building going on here in North Cyprus there has also been the creation of many a fine dining establishment, and you can add to this the fact that there are also some older, more well-established hotel dining venues available and straight away you can tell that there are going to be some worthy mentions if you’re after an alternative dining experience.

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Family Friendly Restaurants & Dining in North Cyprus

In this article we will try and detail some of the best eateries to take your kids to, so that you as adults can also enjoy a good meal with some beautiful scenery and a relaxed atmosphere whilst being assured that your children will be made welcome.  Being a typical Mediterranean country, North Cyprus is made for eating out with young children, and as it can get so hot in the summer months late evenings will see children still out and about and eating with their parents!

There are some restaurants which really cater well for children with play areas and a variety of kiddie’s dishes on the menu, and you don’t need to feel awkward if your little darling or darlings have a temper tantrum in the middle of dinner either!  You can be sure that a waiter or restaurant owner will try to coax them out of it, often doing a really good job of it too!

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