5 Reasons to Visit North Cyprus

 So you are looking at where to go for your well deserved and anticipated, sun drenched summer holiday?  Well let us tempt you with some very good reasons why you might well consider taking your holiday in North Cyprus!

1 – Beaches

The beaches in North Cyprus can cater for all your tastes and preferences.  If your preference is solitude then take your pick of the beautiful stretches of beach dotted all along the North Cyprus coastline.  [Read more...]

Specialist Tour Operators for North Cyprus

If you are looking for something different whilst planning a trip to North Cyprus and you enjoy the great outdoors, then there are a growing number of specialist tour operators adding itineraries to accommodate the likes of the walkers, bird watchers and divers amongst us.

North Cyprus has so much to offer those who love an environment orientated holiday, and the world seems to be taking a stand of sorts against mass tourism these days, so it’s nice to see that there are companies who are grasping all that is beautiful about this part of the island and promoting its unique qualities in terms of nature and the environment.

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North Cyprus Package Holidays

Package holidays are a relatively new but developing business in North Cyprus.  With this side of the island mainly a destination for the independent traveller until recently, holiday companies are now offering attractive packages to suit most budgets and requirements.

Due to the embargoes and restrictions placed upon North Cyprus you probably won’t find much in the way of glossy marketing material in your local travel agent, but there are plenty of dedicated companies offering package deals over the internet, so this is probably the best place to start your research.

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Come to North Cyprus in 2012!

Feature photo (Escape Beach) courtesy of Jean Clark –

What with the world’s current financial ‘crisis’ and the wobbly euro, North Cyprus might just be the perfect place to come for your holidays this year.  For savvy holidaymakers eager to make the most of their precious pounds, it is definitely a place well worth considering.

For those of you who don’t know, North Cyprus is not part of the eurozone (yet!), even though it’s just a short hop from most European countries which use the euro as their currency –  therefore it’s not suffering the same problems as other typical holiday destinations such as Spain, which are caught up with bad exchange rates and rising prices.  You will find that prices are always quoted in pounds sterling here in North Cyprus, so people who are looking for holidays that can be bought and paid for in their own currency could benefit and get a much better deal for their money.

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