KAR Dog Show, North Cyprus

Yes it’s that time of the year again when we should all be getting our lovely little pooches in tip-top condition, teaching them to sit for more than a second and getting them primed for the major doggy-tastic event of the year which is Northern Cyprus’s answer to Crufts – the Kyrenia Animal Rescue Dog Show! [Read more...]

Pet Relocation to North Cyprus

Although it’s fairly complicated to achieve, you would obviously never leave your beloved pets behind when considering relocating to North Cyprus!  The pet relocation process itself just requires some forward planning, and if you start early enough you will prevent yourself a lot of the stress that others incur when relocating animals and leaving everything to the last minute.

This article is assuming that you’re coming from the UK, but regulations for relocating pets from other European countries is often not too dissimilar, as most animals now just require a pet passport for travel to other countries who are part of the EU Pet Passport scheme.  You should start to get your pet ready for relocation around six months prior to travel.

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Kuşkor, North Cyprus

KUŞKOR, translating to North Cyprus Society for the Protection of Birds and Nature, has been active in North Cyprus for over 10 years, and strives to educate the Turkish Cypriot population about protecting birdlife and nature through presentations to schools and villages, as well as monitoring the bird population on the island as best it can, whether migratory or native.

Formed in the early 1990’s, they work hard to protect and conserve the current bird population of North Cyprus at a time when the birds’ local habitat is dwindling through tourism development, and the numbers of birds are depleting due to hunting and hotter and dryer summers.

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Kyrenia Animal Rescue & BARK, North Cyprus

North Cyprus does suffer somewhat from the ‘stray dog’ syndrome, and many expats will take on the odd ‘pet’ found in their local area to lighten to load somewhat, but unfortunately there is no real solution in place to ensure that stray animals are neutered to prevent the population overload that occurs, especially with cats and dogs.

Most sadly, in 2004 the European Commission adjudged North Cyprus to be a ‘third world’ country in terms of animal welfare and DEFRA in the UK (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs), were obliged – for political reasons rather than veterinary ones – to remove North Cyprus from the Pet Travel Scheme.  This had allowed pets arriving in the UK from North Cyprus to forgo the normal 6 months quarantine period.  This scheme had been popular in North Cyprus, allowing foreigners returning to their domicile countries to take their adopted pets back with them.

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