North Cyprus Cinema

When we talk about cinema in North Cyprus, we don’t just mean the usual blockbuster movies that anyone can see no matter where in the world they live, we also mean that North Cyprus does have its own budding cinematic scene.  So, you will find the usual cinema facilities in the city areas, but there are also a number of art house cinema venues which are popular places for people wishing to see something different.

Arts venues are host to various screenings, with offerings from local and international film makers, and you can see them in a variety of places such as at Sidestreets in Lefkoşa.  Often these cinematic events are bought together by both Turkish and Greek Cypriots, who seem to thrive on working closely to provide a vibrant arts scene. [Read more...]

Entertainment for Kids in North Cyprus

If you’re living in North Cyprus with children of any age you may feel that there is not a lot for them to do.  This may have been the case a few years ago, but with the arrival of many younger families from all over the world, there are now many kids’ groups which are active in the community and provide great sources of entertainment for children of all age groups.

We can start by saying that North Cyprus obviously has its own strong community ties and you can always join in with groups that are particularly aimed at promoting Cypriot culture such as HASDER, but your children may need to at least know the basics of the Turkish language before they get involved.  Having said that, the more the expat and local communities mingle the better, and you will quickly find that children can communicate more easily than adults these days and it’s not a big deal for them to get on and speak a mixture of Turkish and English!

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North Cyprus Social Groups

If you’re living in North Cyprus there’s often the question of what to do as an expat, especially if you like to participate in social gatherings and want to get involved in local activities which are of a more social nature.  The good news is that there’s plenty of choice of social activities to do and social groups to join available to you and your children.

There are a whole host of social clubs in North Cyprus and it’s likely you’ll find something that appeals to you, whether it be a walking group or dance class – but the good thing is, even if you don’t or you have a particular passion for a specific kind of social activity, you can always set up your own club or social gathering!

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