If you are visiting North Cyprus, or indeed even living here, then another of the wonders to be seen is most definitely İncirli Cave, meaning Fig Cave, due to the fig tree hiding it’s rather small entrance!  With its own mythic tale to tell about its discovery, there is plenty of factual data on the formation of the caves as well, fascinating stuff!

Reputation is Everything!

It goes without saying, that when you are looking to invest in a property in North Cyprus, that you need to do your research.  Making sure you are dealing with a reputable property developer is obviously a major factor in who you end up buying your property from. essential cyprus and kensington

Well well, what a lovely turn up for the books!  For years, North Cyprus has remained a relatively hidden gem, a small country nestled in the beautiful Mediterranean and already home to those that know!  Then, all of a sudden Forbes gets in on the act and the whole world is given an insight into how it becomes the No 1 place to invest! forbes loves north cyprus

We all know that 2020 was probably the hardest year for us all, and that travelling has been something more akin to a mere memory recently, but, hope is on the horizon.  Holidaying in North Cyprus has been impossible, however, with the Covid-19 situation looking a little more like it is now under control around the world, thoughts of summer holidays have the potential to be a reality for 2021 in North Cyprus.

Things are looking a little bit more positive with a brighter future perhaps on the horizon after the TRNC government announced a lifting of travel restrictions this week – just as the summer season begins! north cyprus summer 2021

Such a country as North Cyprus, so heavily reliant upon tourism as a huge part of its economy, this can only be seen as a good thing.  To miss another season of summer visitors is pretty unthinkable for many people and businesses who rely totally on the summer season to see them through the winter months.

One thing that is noticeable recently, particularly via the Facebook grapevines at least, is the increase in people looking to escape the UK, to find both warmer climes and a more stress-free lifestyle.  The result, perhaps due more and more to the Covdi pandemic, has subsequently seen many of us re-evaluating life and making changes.  As we have all learned, life can be very short.  investing in north cyprus