North Cyprus Hotels for Business

Many people travel to North Cyprus for business purposes, and there are obviously some firm favourites in terms of preferred hotels with business travellers.  However, if you venture off the beaten track and away from the main population centres of Lefkoşa, Kyrenia or Famagusta, facilities for business travellers are sometimes limited.  What is offered at the main business friendly hotels is however at least adequate, and indeed at times impressive too.

Most of the main hotels now offer wi-fi internet access in either their foyers or guest rooms, so if you do still need to work after an onsite meeting perhaps, you can send that all important email or document to your office.

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North Cyprus Package Holidays

Package holidays are a relatively new but developing business in North Cyprus.  With this side of the island mainly a destination for the independent traveller until recently, holiday companies are now offering attractive packages to suit most budgets and requirements.

Due to the embargoes and restrictions placed upon North Cyprus you probably won’t find much in the way of glossy marketing material in your local travel agent, but there are plenty of dedicated companies offering package deals over the internet, so this is probably the best place to start your research.

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Hotel Dining, North Cyprus

We have so far managed to write quite a few articles on the dining out and eating in options available in North Cyprus, and we can certainly add one more to the list – namely ‘hotel dining.’ 

With the prolific hotel building going on here in North Cyprus there has also been the creation of many a fine dining establishment, and you can add to this the fact that there are also some older, more well-established hotel dining venues available and straight away you can tell that there are going to be some worthy mentions if you’re after an alternative dining experience.

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Spa Therapy, North Cyprus

If you like a little pampering every now and again then you are in for a wonderful treat in Northern Cyprus as it has an excellent assortment of spas offering relaxing and pampering at affordable prices in some really quality establishments.   All can offer packages to suit your requirements, whether you are a holidaymaker or a resident.

In the last few years the growth of the spa scene in North Cyprus has been quite astonishing particularly thanks to the arrival of new 5 star hotel resorts which incorporate spa facilities.  There is now an abundance of options available to those who wish to either spend a few days in luxury accommodation whilst enjoying a spa schedule tailored to their requirements, or who want to just have a day at the spa where they can totally relax and unwind.

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Bellapais, North Cyprus

The village of Bellapais, (also known as Bellapaix or even sometimes Beylerberi), sits majestically on the slopes of the Kyrenia mountain range and can be reached from the eastern side of Kyrenia by turning right at the traffic lights and following signs for Doğanköy and Beylerbeyi.  It is about a 15 minute drive from Kyrenia.  You can’t really miss the village actually, given the sight of the glorious Bellapais Abbey sitting in the centre of it!

The outskirts of Bellapais are also home to the Early Bronze Age necropolis of Vounous, although this site has now been pilfered and robbed by many and is no longer really the experience it should be. [Read more...]

Lapta, North Cyprus

Lapta, or Lapithos, is located about 10 kilometres west of Kyrenia and the town actually begins just before you hit the main ‘Lapta strip’ on the coastal road.  It rises up into the mountains and is a local tourist hotspot with some excellent hotels and general accommodation options for visitors to North Cyprus.

The more modern side of Lapta is obviously the coastal section, home to a number of bars, restaurants, pubs, cafes and hotels.  You have casinos, water sports, beach access, live music and a really good holiday feel along the strip.  Tourists of all ages are very well catered for, and Lapta in this respect offers a lot of entertainment options.  During the main summer season the area triples its population, such is the popularity of the resort.

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KARPAZ, North Cyprus

The Karpaz peninsula is located on the far eastern stretch of North Cyprus, and it stretches right up to the tip of the peninsula, it’s often referred to as the ‘panhandle.’  You may even hear or see the peninsula being called Karpasia, Karpas, Kirpasha, Carpasia or Dipkarpaz – in fact Dipkarpaz is a present day town, and Carpasia was the ancient city where the ruin of Ayios Philon stands.  It was once a very densely populated area during both the Roman and Luisignan times, but now it is far less so.

The Karpaz peninsula has some breathtaking beaches, wonderful walks and is littered with ancient churches, monuments, remains and ruins.  Part of the area is also now a designated National Park, where feral donkeys are allowed to roam free and nature is pretty much left alone.  The Karpaz is also largely an agricultural area producing crops, and you will find that most local inhabitants have animals and land, but tourism also obviously plays a large part in the economy too.

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Büyükkonuk, North Cyprus

The village of Büyükkonuk, (formerly Komi Kebir), in North Cyprus is located in the lowland foothills of the Beşparmak mountain range on the far east of the island.  It’s situated about 6km north-east of Boğaz, just before the start of the Karpaz Peninsula region.  It is also a village of some note due to it recently being designated as an area for eco-tourism, and has subsequently even been filmed by foreign film crews for international culture programmes.

It is accessible from taking the very scenic coastal road past Esentepe and onto the partially finished new road which will take you to Kaplıca.  You will then venture on to older roads turning right inland signposted for Büyükkonuk and Sazlıköy. Alternatively you can take the inland Geçitkale road to Iskele and Boğaz, turning left at the costal junction, following the coastal road for a few miles until you reach turnings for Tuzluca and Büyükkonuk.

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Dipkarpaz, North Cyprus

If you are on your travels around the Karpaz region of North Cyprus, then why not take the time to visit the village of Dipkarpaz (called Rizokarpaso by Greek Cypriots).  The village is located right in the middle of the entrance to the ‘panhandle’ area and is the last large village before you hit the road that leads to the tip of the peninsula and the Apostolos Andreas monastery.

The easiest way to get there currently is via the Gecitkale road travelling west from Lefkoşa.  You will eventually reach the coastal junction at Iskele, turn left and proceed through Boğaz and following the main road inland and up to the northern coast, carrying on through Yeni Erenkoy until you reach Dipkarpaz.

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FAMAGUSTA, North Cyprus

Famagusta, situated on the south east coast of Northern Cyprus, is a place where you can really feel the magic of Cyprus’ colourful past; so much so that when you visit you feel as if you can almost reach out and touch the island’s rich history.

You will also hear and see Famagusta being referred to as Mağosa, Mağusa or Gazimağusa (Gazi meaning unconquered).

Once one of the world’s most famous and richest cities when it was under the rule of the Lusignans, Famagusta is also rich in architecture from the Venetian period when it was fortified against the invading Turks.

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