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You could say this is writing for the record, for the North Cyprus history books.  It will certainly be documented elsewhere but we felt it necessary, for our own memories, to write about the period in time where life stood still for the world. North Cyprus will not get much attention for its efforts to defeat Covid-19 on the world stage, so we will shout about it here!

We keep saying this it seems, in most of our activity articles here on Essential Cyprus, that there are many ways to see and appreciate North Cyprus – this one is just another fantastic way of doing so!  If you have ever been on holiday in a coastal location in Turkey, then you may already understand the concept of taking a boat trip here too.

North Cyprus is an historical wonderland, having its past steeped in legends and the influence bought about by many different civilisations and nationalities. If you are interested in learning more about the island’s past then there are numerous ways to go about it.

Launched in late February 2009 the Cyprus Airport Services run KIBHAS airport shuttle service is now in full operation serving customers with transfers to Ercan Airport. It has been quite a while coming but now has a fleet of twelve buses and coaches departing from all the major towns and ports in North Cyprus.