vodafone north cyprus


North Cyprus has two mobile service operators, namely KKTCell (Kuzey Kıbrıs Turkcell) which everyone calls Turkcell which is actually the parent company based in Turkey.  This company’s numbers start with 0533; and then there’s Telsim which is now owned in part by Vodafone, this company’s numbers start with 0542.

Both companies can offer competitive service rates, with GPRS, 3G as well as standard tariffs available.  It’s who you prefer really, although KKTCell does seem to have a hold on the market at present.  They both also offer your itemised billing via email, and have English speaking staff at their offices which are in all major towns and villages and even in some supermarkets.  Staff can assist you with any problems that you may have with a phone or help you configure your phone for any number of applications and services.

With regards to the communication super-highway, it feels like North Cyprus has jumped miles ahead in a very short space of time!

Just a few years ago we were all using dial-up connections, waiting an age for our computers to connect us to the rest of the world, and just generally feeling frustrated at the time it took to do anything remotely web based.  However, things have really taken off here, and North Cyprus is now firmly ahead of other countries in terms of the multitude of internet connectivity options available to us.  Whatever your requirements, from home use to business on the move to office networking, there is a solution available, and for those of us who use Skype on a regular basis, the faster options are perfect!

North Cyprus has a fairly up to date communications, media and utilities network, and also has some of the advanced technologies that one would expect with regard to everyday life and its requirements – such as high speed internet and mobile communications for example.

You can connect to the two mobile networks that are available in North Cyprus as both have agreements with worldwide networks to facilitate roaming connections, and each operator has offices located in cities and major towns.  Internet cafes are available in most major towns and villages as well, thus enabling you to keep in touch.  Some restaurants and cafes also have a wi-fi facility available for customer use too, which means that communication in Northern  Cyprus is easy!