There are many beautiful ways in which to see and explore North Cyprus, but what better way than to do it on horseback?!  Seasoned rider or novice, it doesn’t matter, you can take a trek with various organisations in a relaxed and safe environment.

horse riding north cyprusHorse riding and pony trekking in North Cyprus has been a popular pastime for hundreds of years, with many families keeping them as part of the family, originally mainly for travelling to and from villages and for pulling agricultural machinery.  These days of course, horses are kept for the more modern days activities of trekking and showing and for competition.

Operating under the aupices of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Equestrian Federation, there are several riding clubs which have flourished, and now you can find regular competitions where these riding clubs, across North Cyprus, meet to compete.

horse riding north cyprusFacilities are modern and up to date, although those of us from Europe perhaps may still find some clubs not quite up to the standards we might expect.  But, the animals are well loved and well cared for and that really is the main thing.

Most riding clubs offer riding lessons within the club grounds, catering for beginners to advanced level, in spacious paddocks with jumping arenas too.  They will provide all the necessary head gear and advise you on how to go about getting into the saddle comfortably and safely!

But perhaps the nicest way to travel on horseback in North Cyprus is by going on a hack, which can take you on some beautifully peaceful scenic routes in the mountains, from where you can truly make the most of the views across the island as well as ride past historical churches and other monuments.  These can be group hacks or private, your choice.  Your guides will know the best and safest ways to navigate routes and they know all the little secret, less well trodden tracks and paths.

horse riding north cyprusDepending on where you would like to horse ride in North Cyprus, there are several riding clubs which we have picked out (there are more around of course) some which are spread across the northern part of the island.

More central and headıng towards Lefkosa is Besok Riding Club – you can find them via their Facebook Page here.  They also have a little animal farm too for the kids to enjoy and gives a lovely introduction to all the usual farm animals.

A little further along in Balıkesır is Yusuf Efendi Ciftliği, a long established riding centre in North Cyprus, this family has kept horses for the last 3 generations of family!  You can contact them via their Facebook Page here.

Heading out to the Famagusta area you will find the Royal Riding Club, a pleasant establishment which is located not far from the sea.  This is a very active riding club comprising all ages which regularly holds its own competitions as well as competing in the wider events around North Cyprus.  You can find out more about them here on their Facebook Page.

Last, but not least, on our riding schools in North Cyprus is the wonderful Ranch, located on the west coast side of Kyrenia, in Karsiyaka.  Promoted also as a Petting Farm, the place buzzes with activating, from ducklings to donkeys!  A very popular place for local residents and holidaymakers, they make it a fun place to go to.  You can find out more about their riding options on their Facebook Page or their Ranch website.

That wraps up our selection of horse riding clubs here in North Cyprus – it is a great way to get out and explore the local countryside, as well as a good relaxant too – getting lost in the mountains is half the fun!


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