If you are here on holiday in North Cyprus (or living!) and are wondering about where to go for some good value food with a great view to relax and unwind to, and take in some of the calm Mediterranean waters, then why not try and Kervan Pizza Garden.  You are also likely to hear it referred to Kervan Pizza or Kervan Terrace amongst others, but we have used the name they use on their own sign outside the restaurant for originality!

One reason for going, although the food also plays its part obviously, is the view.  Located above the Kervansaray beach, just past Karaoglanoglu heading west on the main road, it has great views and is a popular place for people to congregate and have a beer or two whilst watching the sun go down in the west, the view pretty much undisturbed.  In our opinion it is therefore a lovely place to spend an evening either for families or couples who seek a romantic spot.

The décor is nice too, unpretentious and relaxed, a bit more authentic than some of the newer establishments.  Its al fresco dining all the way here in summertime with a laid back attitude which will certainly give you time to sit back and chill.  They also have an indoor bar, pool table and tv screen to keep people occupied if they have just popped in for a beer perhaps in less warmer weather.  After all, who would want to sit inside watching football or playing pool when the Mediterranean sea is on your doorstep!?

It’s a great place for families to take children to, maybe because the menu isn’t full of strange ingredients and it’s not overdone with different options, making it easier for parents to pick something for their cherubs to eat.  Being a Mediterranean country the Turkish Cypriots always eat pretty late in summer, and the kids come along too!

Kervan Pizza Garden obviously deals in pizzas although there are other options available such as fish and chips, omelettes, burgers, fajitas and kebabs at around 15TL.  Starters include garlic bread, nachos and prawn cocktail amongst others, and they all start at around 4TL.  Pizzas come in various forms from the standard selection of a margarita to a Kervan Special which includes a few additional ingredients and start at 12TL.  On Friday’s they also do ‘Kup Kebab’ which is lamb cooked in a clay oven, but you will need to order this in advance as the cooking time can take a few hours.

Pizzas are a fair size, not as big as the traditional stone baked variety, but are enough to fill you up for sure.  Fajitas are very nice, served on a sizzling hotplate along with various fillings and you won’t be disappointed with the volume either as there’s quite a lot! 

If you still feel a little peckish you can also partake of a dessert such as pancakes with lemon and honey which is a nice light choice to finish off with.

Drinks are reasonable too, with Efes, the local beer starting at 3TL for a small bottle. However, they do Efes draft which comes in a chilled half litre tankard style glass, perfect for a leisurely drink in summer, which is our favourite at 4TL!  Soft drinks are a standard 3TL.

Kervan Pizza Garden even when busy always seems to have spare tables to seat people, but you can also book in advance and ask for one of those invaluable edge of terrace tables so you can have a full view of the sunset! 

They are open 7 days a week, for lunch and dinner, and you can book a table by calling +90 (0)392 8222702 or +90 (0)533 8443777.  For other ideas about where to eat and to read more restaurant reviews then why not visit our Restaurants in North Cyprus section for more ideas.

First published in 2009.


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