internet north cyprus


With regards to the communication super-highway, it feels like North Cyprus has jumped miles ahead in a very short space of time!

Just a few years ago we were all using dial-up connections, waiting an age for our computers to connect us to the rest of the world, and just generally feeling frustrated at the time it took to do anything remotely web based.  

These days in North Cyprus you can have pretty much anything you like in the way of television, ranging from local channels to satellite packages.  Below are the main options available to you.

There are local channels which can be viewed via a small ariel installation such as BRT 1, 2 and 3, part of the Bayrak International Group of media companies, which broadcasts English speaking programmes.

Here in North Cyprus you can choose from various radio stations to suit your tastes.  Bayrak International (formerly BRT), was formed in 1963 and broadcasts on 87.8/105FM and is one of the favourites here.  It broadcasts local news and events, interviews people of interest, has a women’s hour, hosts debates and even plays some music too!  The station also has news in Turkish, Greek and English, and even has an online broadcast that you can sign up to as well at Bayrak International.

North Cyprus has an abundance of information or ‘media’ to choose from these days, including us of course (!), and you can also buy British newspapers and magazines from most supermarkets and newsagents if you want to keep up with what’s happening back in Blighty.  There has been a regular offering of local newspapers and magazines in the past, but some come and go so we will only detail the larger players for you.