You will be pleased to know that when eating out in North Cyprus there are a broad range of choices available in terms of cuisine and restaurant type, so broad in fact that it can be quite overwhelming at times!  You can eat out at a different establishment every night of the week if that’s your preference, or eat at home with a variety of take-away and delivery services to choose from.

There is also the opportunity to have a real treat with some very top notch cuisine available on the island at some highly sophisticated establishments; and with the opening of more 5 star hotels there are more and more 5 star cooking standards available, providing a vast array of exquisite buffet style menus, as well as international franchised restaurants within some hotel’s premises.  Hotel dining is certainly worth considering if you are looking to eat somewhere a little bit special.

However, traditional Turkish Cypriot cuisine is often found at the smallest and less well advertised places and you would be well advised to seek these places out as well to experience the local delicacies and mouth watering main courses on offer.  You can spend many a long and happy evening at such restaurants, where the warmth and hospitable atmosphere together with the pleasure of sitting

dining restaurants north cyprus

and chatting to the owner and their family will make you return time and time again. In addition to the traditional and more family oriented smaller establishments, there are also some larger premises which are really popular for affordable yet quality dining, these are always packed with local families all enjoying the late summer evenings whilst tucking into well portioned meals!

As the popularity of more European and international dining has grown in North Cyprus, you can also find a host of other dining options such as Italian and Indian, with pizza and pasta places being a frequent option for many, hence them springing up everywhere it would seem!  You can also find traditional fish and chip restaurants, and plenty of places also provide a regular stream of expats with traditional Sunday roasts at very reasonable prices!

Take-away and delivery services are also a growing phenomenon too, with most of the fast food restaurants now offering a moped delivery service, or a collection point for take-aways, and even a specifically designed internet order and delivery service in some cases!

Don’t forget that as a Mediterranean country North Cyprus is a great place to dine out with small children, and there are family restaurants which really cater for kids so well that they even have play areas where they can work off their dinner and play with other children!

Or if you would like to treast yourself to an evening of fine dining then there is a great choice of à la carte venues to try at a variety of top class eatiers offering fine wines and excellent quality meals all cooked and prepared by seriously well trained chefs!

Please click on any of the links available in this article to find out more in depth detail on the types of cuisine available, as well as a selection of restaurants that should cater for everyone’s palate!


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