So you are looking at where to go for your well deserved and anticipated, sun drenched summer holiday?  Well let us tempt you with some very good reasons why you might well consider taking your holiday in North Cyprus!

1 – Beaches

The beaches in North Cyprus can cater for all your tastes and preferences.  If your preference is solitude then take your pick of the beautiful stretches of beach dotted all along the North Cyprus coastline. Pick from secluded inlets to mile long beaches of pure sand and dunes where you may not see another person all day long!  If you prefer to be part of the crowd then the beach clubs of North Cyprus will provide you with plenty of activities including water sports like jet-skiing, inflatables, diving and much more.  Alternatively just chill out on the loungers and bean bags with waiters delivering you a constant flow of refreshing liquids!

2 – Climate

North Cyprus justifiably claims to provide visitors with over 300 days of sunshine a year, and at the time of writing, we can safely say that summer has definitely arrived with temperatures in the shade of around 27 degrees, meaning that in the sun you could be looking at 30 degrees plus!  Utterly perfect for lounging around the pool or on the beach with a short hop to the waters edges to cool you down when required. The climate in North Cyprus is most definitely one to be experienced, preferably all day and every day of your holiday!

3 – Cuisine

What can we say about the cuisine here in North Cyprus?  Let us start by telling you that there is plenty to choose from!  Why not partake of some traditional Turkish Cypriot meze to start with; small dishes of hot and cold starters all freshly prepared and delicious, an ideal way to eat on a hot summers evening.  Choose from a range of meat and fish dishes such as kebabs, clay oven cooked lamb, grilled or bbq’d sea bream for example.  If you can fit anything else in, then why not finish off with a cool riced pudding dessert all washed down with a glass of local Efes beer or local wine.

If that doesn’t grab you then there are many other restaurants in North Cyprus serving a great mix of European and International cuisines that will!  All tastes are catered for with some stunning eateries around to choose from.

4 – Hospitality

The Turkish Cypriot people are famous for their welcoming smiles and generous personalities.  Wherever you go and wherever you stay, whether it’s at a luxury hotel, a holiday village or a bed and breakfast you will receive the same service and hospitality.  In restaurants you will find attentive staff who will be more than happy to tell you all about North Cyprus and the ‘patron’ will often come and join you after your meal and make you feel right at home by having a chat.  You may well get to meet some of the other family members too!  Many people experience evenings which they will remember for many years to be the best times of their holiday, and many do return to be greeted as friends as if they had not been away! 

5 – Sightseeing

North Cyprus is a historical wonder that you should not miss if you are looking for a sightseeing holiday.  The ancient history of Cyprus reveals an island that has been inhabited by many different cultures and by many different rulers whose influences have made North Cyprus the vibrant and fascinating place it is today.  Therefore, sightseeing in North Cyprus is an absolute must if you want to truly appreciate this.  There is so much to see from the Crusader castles, the world famous Bellapais Abbey, the ancient ruins of Salamis, Vouni and Soli to the restored churches and monasteries of yester year.   Each has its own fascinating story that will keep you occupied for your entire holiday!

You may just wondering why there are possibly only 5 reasons to visit North Cyprus – well there aren’t, there are many more, but we didn’t want to excite you too much!  Come and see for yourself!


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