The centre of the casino world in North Cyprus is most certainly Kyrenia, it being the most popular destination for holidaymakers and visitors on the island too.  Casinos on the island can certainly satisfy most peoples’ gambling tastes, but at the same time many boast excellent additional on-site facilities for those who also enjoy a relaxation break, providing luxury accommodation, spa packages and dining excellence for example.

In this article we will detail casinos available in the Kyrenia area and its surrounds, but if you would like to find out about the selection of casinos available in other areas then please read our article on premises in the Famagusta and Lefkoşa areas, or our more general overview article.

A lot of the casinos are open 24 hours a day, but we would advise you to check with regard to this as some do still open around midday and are only open until the early hours of the morning.

Central Kyrenia

Colony Sporting Club

The popular and rather stately 5 star Colony Hotel is home to its own Sporting Club, offering a luxurious gaming experience with all the trimmings and over 100 slots and various gaming tables featuring Blackjack, Stud Poker, Roulette and Punto Banco.  Tel – +90 (0)392 8151320

Dome Hotel & Casino

This hotel is the oldest hotel in Kyrenia and benefits from its location right next to the old harbour.  It has undergone a facelift in recent years in all areas, and its casino now boasts 120 different slot machines and 12 table games including American Roulette, Blackjack and Stud Poker.  Tel – +90 (0)392 815 2772.

Liman Casino

Another popular option due to its location right next to the harbour with its entrance on the promenade, Casino Liman is attached to the Liman hotel offering 116 slots and 5 table games including American Roulette, Blackjack and Poker. Tel – +90 (0)392 815 2001

Rocks Hotel & Casino

This 5 star hotel is right in the centre of Kyrenia facing the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, it’s close to the old harbour and offers the height of luxury and opulence and is extremely popular.  It features around 173 slot games and a total of 20 table games including Blackjack and Roulette.  Tel – +90 (0)392 8152238.

Viola Hill

This is currently the newest kid on the block and it’s attached to the brand new, spectacular 5 Star Savoy Ottoman Hotel, which is situated toward the western end of the high street in Kyrenia.  As you would expect from this high tech gambling venue, it features 160 slots and around 20 table games, and you can even become a member of its Players Club.  Tel – +90 (0)392 8160910.

East of Kyrenia

Acapulco Casino

The huge 5 Star Acapulco Beach Club & Resort Hotel located at the far end of Çatalköy has its own in-house casino; it’s hugely popular with holidaymakers.  The Acapulco Casino features 85 slot machines and 12 table games as well as providing all you could wish for in terms of additional luxury facilities.  Tel – +90 (0)392 8244110

Galaxy Casino

Linked to the Oscar Resort, which is just east of the new harbour area and a popular family holiday destination with amazing amenities, the Galaxy Casino has 160 gaming machines and offers 8 different table games including American Roulette, Blackjack, and Poker.  Tel – +90(0)392 8154801.

Malpas Casino

Located in the foothills of Çatalköy, the Malpas Casino is attached to the new 5 Star Hotel of the same name; it’s operated by the Mystral Casino Group.  High tech casino options in a really funky and colourful setting are plentiful with traditional slots as well as table gaming.  Tel – +90 (0)392 8244757.

Viva Casino

Located in Çatalköy and attached to the pleasant Dedeman Olive Tree Hotel, Viva Casino is set in a quieter area, being away from the main road.  The Viva Casino has around 100 slot machines and 13 tables.  Tel – +90 (0) 392 8244200.

Zodiak Casino

This casino attached to the Pia Bella Hotel has only been open since 2008, and you can’t miss it as it’s located on the new harbour roundabout and is all ablaze with flashing lights (!) – it has around 12 tables and various slot machines.  This casino is popular with holidaymakers who stay at this well known 3 star hotel.  Tel – +90 (0)392 8155321.

West of Kyrenia

Celebrity Casino

Situated on the Lapta Strip and part of the Celebrity Hotel Group again, this is one of the oldest casino operations around.  Popular with the holiday and expat crowd it hosts 120 different slot games and 11 table games including American Roulette and Blackjack.  Tel – +90 (0)392 821 8751.

Denizkizi Casino

Located in Alsancak, this casino is part of the Denizkizi Hotel and Deniz Kizi Royal Hotel complex and is again one of the old longstanding and firm favourites on the island.  The casino itself features 66 different slot games and a total of 19 table games.  Tel – +90 (0)392 821 9676.

Jasmine Court Casino

Another popular family holiday destination is the 5 star Jasmine Court Hotel just east of Kyrenia and off the main road, its casino offers 500 slots and forty different table games, making it the largest casino in North Cyprus and apparently the rest of Europe too.  It is also the most popular casino on the island and has some excellent facilities to boot!  Tel – +90 (0)392 8151450.

Merit Park Casino

Another 5 star hotel, the Merit Park located in Kervansery, opened its casino in 2007 and it’s run by the Merit Casino Holdings Group.  The Park Casino boasts the newest in gambling technology and again is very popular with visitors and holidaymakers as it has around 110 slots and 20 tables. –  Tel – +90 (0)850 390 3030.

Merit Crystal Casino

The Merit Crystal Cove Hotel and Resort is one of the older 5 star hotels, but it’s certainly not old in the gambling casino venue stakes and is actually one of the front runners in terms of its popularity as it has a huge casino.  The Merit Casino in Alsancak is run by the Merit Casino Holdings Group and at the moment it has around 26 tables and 200 slots.  – oh and again disappointingly only a website in Turkish! Tel +90 (0)392 8218773.

Phew, that’s it for the round up of our selection, but of course if you feel we need to add any more casinos in the Kyrenia area, please just let us know!

For more information on casinos in North Cyprus, please feel free to check out our more general article, as well as our article about casinos located in Famagusta and Lefkoşa.


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