Well well, what a lovely turn up for the books!  For years, North Cyprus has remained a relatively hidden gem, a small country nestled in the beautiful Mediterranean and already home to those that know!  Then, all of a sudden Forbes gets in on the act and the whole world is given an insight into how it becomes the No 1 place to invest! forbes loves north cyprus

Forbes is a very well respected, well-known and widely read US based media giant, which focuses on business, lifestyle and investment.  So to have North Cyprus noticed and listed as a great place to look to invest in a home, is well, really quite something.

forbes loves north cyprus

A part of us always wants this beautiful place to remain a secret, hidden away from the worldwide stage, and just remain a sleepy little place in which to live and chill.  But, that would be selfish really!  The fact that one of the world’s most respected organisations has placed it along with the likes of Belize and Brazil is quite a coup! forbes loves north cyprus

The article itself focuses on the average cost of buying property in North Cyprus, as well the cost of living, noting that a beachfront property would cost you a fraction of that found in European destinations. Very true!

It mentions, in particular, the wonderful area of Iskele, which absolutely has the best beaches in Northern Cyprus for sure.  There are miles of clean sandy beach with community-friendly walking paths, all set in a very laid back location. They point out too that property finance options from developers also means that investors can still purchase a property if they do not have the immediate finance available to purchase outright.


We should mention too, that Kensington, a partner that we work with, has a stunning development in this area, right along the coastline in Bafra, not far from Iskele.  Thalassa Beach Resort & Spa is one of North Cyprus’ property markets best investment opportunities, if not the best!  So, if you are one of those that have read the Forbes article then it may well grab your interest as an investor.

So, thank you Forbes, for such a great plug for North Cyprus, not that we haven’t been aware that it is, and has been, a really great place to live for some time already!

You can read the FULL ARTICLE here!  If you are interested in finding out more about Thalassa Beach Resort & Spa then head to the PROJECT PAGE on the Kensington website.


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