We all know that 2020 was probably the hardest year for us all, and that travelling has been something more akin to a mere memory recently, but, hope is on the horizon.  Holidaying in North Cyprus has been impossible, however, with the Covid-19 situation looking a little more like it is now under control around the world, thoughts of summer holidays have the potential to be a reality for 2021 in North Cyprus.

North Cyprus, like any other Mediterranean destination, has suffered terribly from the lack of tourism.  However, holiday companies report that enquiries and bookings are looking very positive, so it could be that 2021 will see some light at the end of the tunnel.  The major hotels are bringing back their management staff in anticipation of being able to open soon.  And, with North Cyprus being a country that has dealt pretty well with the pandemic, it also remains one of the safest destinations to visit.

holidays north cyprus 2021

We remind ourselves of all the reasons as to why it is a great place to holiday, with some wonderful beaches and great places to visit and experience.  We re-read our older article on the Reasons to Visit North Cyprus and realise that actually, not much has changed!  It is still cheap in comparison to many other Mediterranean destinations.  Accommodation, flights, and the cost of day-to-day expenses are still very much affordable, so you can enjoy a Mediterranean holiday in North Cyprus for a great price.

North Cyprus, although a small country, caters to a broad range of holiday-makers.  If you are an active, sea-faring tourist then plenty of watersports will keep you occupied, from diving to kitesurfing and sailing.  If you are a nature lover then there is an abundance of countryside, with bird watching, hiking and orchid hunting among a wide range of outdoor activities.  And for the history lovers amongst us, North Cyprus has such a rich and diverse history, it is everywhere to be seen, whether in the cities or out in the mountains.  The Crusader castles are exceptional with stunning, panoramic views, and there are plenty of museums to visit too.  Cyprus has been ruled and conquered by so many in its history that it would be hard not to come across some of its past, whether you are looking for it or not!

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For many of us, particularly in these times, just relaxing and unwinding is the name of the game.  Everyone is well catered for, with fantastic beaches, some stretching for miles, where you can lose yourself on a quiet beach with crystal clear waters lapping at your feet.  Or if you fancy some pampering then there are many beaches attached to 5 Star Hotels these days, where you can pay a small fee to be waited on with drink and food service at your sunbed on the beach.  Take an evening to visit the nesting turtles which visit yearly, and support the local projects which help to protect and facilitate this major attraction.

If you fancy some shopping, then no problem.  The major cities and towns offer a range of quality ‘fakes’ at great prices, from clothes to sunglasses and bags.  There are some wonderfully traditional Cypriot and Turkish souvenirs to be had, from decorative plates and pottery to olive soaps and wood carvings.  Cigarettes and alcohol are also still amazingly cheap in North Cyprus too, but keep an eye on your travel allowance!

Dining out in North Cyprus is incredibly affordable, unless of course you regularly opt for a 5 star hotel choice perhaps.  Local eateries are full of choice of all kinds of international cuisine these days, so you would not be stuck for choice on where and what to eat.  Take your pick from some superb small back street cafes to restaurants on the coast, to franchise fast food joints and traditional Cypriot meyhanes, there is something for everyone.  These days, most eateries can accommodate most appetites and dietary requirements, so no one has to miss out!

holidays north cyprus 2021

For holidaymakers looking to visit North Cyprus in 2021, there are many accommodation options to choose from.  North Cyprus tour operators can assist with finding the right place, help with searching flights and transfers for you.  There are plenty of private rentals to be had too, with some great deals available to attract people.

So, if you are thinking about where to holiday in 2021, and given all this, we hope that you would consider North Cyprus as a great location to try!  On top of all that, the Turkish Cypriot nation is one of the most friendly, welcoming and accommodating that you can find.  We hope we have convinced you to visit!

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