Reputation is Everything!

It goes without saying, that when you are looking to invest in a property in North Cyprus, that you need to do your research.  Making sure you are dealing with a reputable property developer is obviously a major factor in who you end up buying your property from. essential cyprus and kensington

Essential Cyprus has been around for some time and we have seen many North Cyprus property developers come and go over the years.  The property boom in North Cyprus could have been said to have really sparked in the late 90’s, early 2000’s and it seemed, at the time, a free for all who saw profit to be made from the building game.  Now, things are a little more settled, and we see those that have stuck around, building a strong reputation for themselves, based on long term investment in the country.

essential cyprus and kensingtonOne such North Cyprus property developer is most definitely Kensington.  They have been proven to have a strong customer service ethos, with a mission to provide quality homes for a wide variety of clients at great prices.  They have also been involved in property development here in North Cyprus for over 20 years, which speaks volumes.

Starting their first project, Savyon Village in Catalkoy, they saw huge success with their villa project, an entirely residential development, with classic villa designs on pre-74 title land.  Savyon Village turned out to be one of the most popular property purchases for many looking for a full-time residential home in North Cyprus.

essential cyprus and kensingtonKensington has gone on to create some very successful projects, with 100’s of apartments in coastal locations, with investors buying up property from afar, without even visiting North Cyprus firsthand.  Some excellent projects, featuring 3-8 bedroom executive villas and 1-2 bedroom boutique-style apartments, all in their favoured Esentepe location, have all proven to be very attractive options for those looking to put their money into the market here.  Suitable for investors looking to see a stable capital growth return, to those looking for peaceful locations in which to retire or relocate their family to, all the Kensington projects are short walks to the local beaches in the area.

Kensington has also invested heavily in a beach resort, a brilliant concept, in the well-lauded area of Bafra, a designated tourism area within the Iskele and Famagusta districts.  Thalassa Beach Resort & Spa is the only residential resort of its kind with a beach location combined.  Investors have jumped at the chance to purchase from an extremely wide range of apartment properties, with starting prices of £59,950 at the time of writing.  A fully maintained, managed, and run resort, with onsite facilities such as restaurant, spa, gym, outdoor and indoor pools, it has proved to be a massive success for North Cyprus property investors.

essential cyprus and kensington

Essentially, the reasons we decided to join up with Kensington as our preferred developer to recommend to people is :

  • Over 20 years in the North Cyprus property market
  • Many of the staff have been with the company for over 10 years or more
  • Wide choice of property types and very competitive prices
  • An honest, no-pressure approach to their selling skills
  • Quality of product is high
  • Go the extra mile to help their clients with any decision making
  • Knowledge of their product and that of North Cyprus in general

The most important thing to us, and the first thing we looked at when looking to buy property in North kensington logoCyprus, was the longevity and reputation of a company to deal with.  Kensington has been and is here, for the long term, which is a very valuable aspect.

If you want to know more about the company and its projects then you can visit their website at

If you would like to enquire about Kensington via Essential Cyprus please do feel free by contacting us via the contact form in our Property Referral Service article and we will be happy to assist!


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