North Cyprus benefits from a modern and well-equipped police force that carries out various tasks apart from just crime fighting.  The police force has traffic, immigration, drug and fraud divisions for example, and visitors to North Cyprus will be pleased to know that they are very quick to deal with any crime committed against tourists – although rest assured, such crimes are very infrequent.

The police force of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus reports to and is overseen by the Security Council and Ministry of the Interior, with the Commander in Chief sitting on the Council along with representatives from the Ministries of Interior and Defence and the President too.

There are police stations located in all the main cities and towns, although villages usually have to rely on their nearest town for a police station and service.  It is probably worth mentioning that the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus also assists other countries when they are investigating their nationals who may be residing in North Cyprus.

If you’re unfortunate enough to be involved in any situation which requires the assistance of the police, you can rest assured that they will do all they can to help you.  You may also find that local Turkish Cypriots will try to help you too, translating and accompanying you to a police station if necessary for example.

Please make a note of the number for the police as outlined below and which is applicable to where you’re staying when in North Cyprus, or in serious cases, contact the emergency number:

Emergency Police Number : 155

Police Nicosia             Tel: 228 3311
Police Kyrenia             Tel: 815 2014
Police Famagusta        Tel: 366 5310
Police Guzelyurt         Tel: 714 2140
Police Karpaz              Tel: 381 2325



  1. Mehdi Delfariban Reply

    actually I have been like Two Year in north Cyprus for Studing and now i applied for Canadian resident ship and i need an report that It Shows I haven’t had any Police ProbLem there. whOuld You tell me how Can i get that from Iran?
    Best regard

    • Hi Mehdi, gosh that’s a question we haven’t heard before! Really the only thing we would suggest is by contacting the immigration police here – they may be able to help? Sorry, can’t be of more use than that. Ed

  2. Hello, my name is Ivona Krajcovicova, i need help and im not sure who can help me with this thing. Im from Slovakia, i was working in North Cyprus in Kyrenia i alone was paid my working permit which should finish by september next year. In my last work i was worked more then 6 month. When i was finish in my work, they canceled my working permit which i was paid and the didnt tell me about that,after my work i was around one more month still on the Cyprus and when i went back to my country i had problem and they asked from me penalty.Can you help me please what i should do now.Money which they asked was not little money and i didnt know about this and now im in very bad situacion.Thank you for your answer and help.

    Have a nice day

    • Hi Ivona, We can’t really answer your questions, apart from to say that yes, if you have outstayed your visa then you are liable for penalties when you leave the country. If you don’t pay them when you leave we believe that you will have to pay them when you come back in to the country, or not come back at all sadly. You really need to perhaps visit the local police immigration to find out. Ed

  3. Dear Admin,
    A month ago we sent via Money Gram 23000 USD for Alexis Havin Brian who lives in North Cyprus. He has introduced himself as a car dealer through his website which is; he was supposed to send us LEXUS 570 for 2013 year and after receiving our money he just disappeared. We need to catch this cheater and get our money. Could you please help.

    • ok so we are sharing this comment, however we hold NO responsibility for any comments made which are unfounded at this time. We are sorry but we really cannot help you on this Erka – have you tried CID branch of the police here, as we are sure they would want to investigate but it would be pretty hard if they are located in South Cyprus as it would seem to be. Ed

  4. Gerhard Schöppl-Sonnwalden Reply

    Office of the Chief of Police

    Dear Sir,

    Last year I started collecting patches from different law enforcement agencies from around the world.

    Can you help me – PLEASE – if possible to send me two – or any extra insignia from your department.
    A new display will be made holding your items with pride and dignity.

    Many thanks in advance for your time and accommodating.

    Kind regards,

    Gerhard Schöppl-Sonnwalden
    Wurmbrandgasse 4
    A – 8010 Graz
    ( Police Patches Collector, Ret. )

  5. Dear admin.
    Good day! I’m lea from Philippines. I’m presently working at bogaz as a nanny for almost 6 months. My left hand was too painful a couple of week ago, I asked my employer if I can use my insurance to see a doctor but they didn’t do anything. My agent took me to girne hospital, doctor said because of lifting heavy things the muscles was stretch too much that’s why I have too much pain. The doctor put a brace and a pain reliever and rest my hand but the employer didn’t give me rest. Yesterday when I woke up my right eyes was swollen and there’s a yellowish liquid coming out from my eyes, I asked again my employer but nothing. I don’t know anybody here, I just want to ask a legal advice about my situation because they are forcing me to work in my condition. Thank u very much and hoping to hear from u soon..

  6. Neda Javaheri Reply

    My name is Neda and I live in Iran. I have an accepted job offer from a company in North Cyprus and they have requested a work visa for me about 75 days ago. Since it has taken such a long time now, I would appreciate it if you could help me how to pursue the process of my visa. The company doesn’t help me with any details and I don’t even know whether it is still in progress and when it will be done.

    Best regards

  7. Gigi furntes Reply

    Can i obtain police clearance from north cyprus im travelling for vacation in istanbul and its one of my requierement my problem is iam working in south pls help me find out if i could or couldnt thank u

  8. Ugochukwu Israel Reply

    actually I have been like one Year in north Cyprus for Studying and now i applied for German study visa and i need a ploice report that SHOWS I haven’t had any Police Problem here in North Cyprus. could you be of help to me.
    Best regard

  9. Masoud Rouhi Reply

    Hello !
    My friend and I came to Cyprus, but we are staying in two different hotels. We want to stay in the same hotel because my friend and I met after 25 years, but we do not live in the same hotel. therefore we ask you to help us move to the same hotel. He lives in Riverside, I live in Salamis Bay Conti.

    • Hi Masoud. If you are in quarantine, you don’t say, then unfortunately you will not be able to change hotel during the quarantine period.

  10. I came from Pakistan on a work permit here in trnc but I want to join a police force and serve the country so can you tell me is it possible for me if it is so how I can

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