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Well and truly gone are the days where the only opportunity to finance a property in North Cyprus was with pure cash.  The market years ago was very much a cash buyers dream, but these days people are now finding that they can obtain a mortgage in North Cyprus, to help finance their property purchase.

financing property north cyprus

Research would actually suggest that in recent years at least half of those buying homes in North Cyprus prefer to pay in installments or look for alternative financing for their property purchase.  This then may well be why we have seen more banks and finance institutions opening up options to those looking for finance in North Cyprus.  Both local and international banks seems to be in the picture here too, in being able to offer local and overseas North Cyprus property buyers, various options.

As of today, you have various options to buy a home in North Cyprus, whether it be one under construction, a brand new ready property or one that has been preowned:

Under Construction – Financing in the form of interest-free stage payments throughout the build process (which can be extended once completed too)

Brand New / Key Ready – Developer loan financing and bank mortgages

Pre Owned – Cash and bank mortgage

financing property north cyprus

So, if you do need some finance to make up a shortfall when looking to make an investment in property, then it may not be as difficult or time consuming as you may think.  Of course, many North Cyprus property developers also offer payment plans and loans, where you can pay in installments across the life of the construction.  But, if you are looking to buy an already finished property, that seems too good an opportunity to pass you by, then you can look at external financing, which often offer lower interest rates then financing from a developer.

Since 2018 North Cyprus banks have been able to offer low interest mortgages for  up to 50% of the property price.  This is on key ready/resale apartments and villas with their own title deed.  Obviously any mortgage is dependent on the financial status of the buyer.  Applying for a mortgage is releatively easy in reality, with some of the usual form filling, requiring proof of income etc., and then waiting for the go ahead, which in general takes up to around 3 months.

Banks will charge a fee for a mortgage application, much like they do in the UK, with an estimated cost of around £600 made by most banks in North Cyprus.  The interest rates at the time of writing are 6.45%, whereas developers can charge around 7%, so it is worth looking at both scenarios and at the pros and cons of both options, should you have the benefit of a choice on the property you wish to buy.

Again the benefits of stage payments for a property under construction would be that each stage payment is interest-free (with some developers extending the payments for an additional period after the property build is complete, if necessary), developer financing tends to be at a higher interest rate, and banks having a limited time period of up to around 10 years maximum.  It should also be noted that payment holidays or interest-free payment periods with North Cyprus banks are not an option.  An added benefit of taking out developer financing is that it is usually ‘non-status’, meaning that you do not have to have to provide documentation to prove your financial status.

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Another positive with mostly all these payment options is that you are free to sell the property before the end of the payment terms if you need to, you can pay off the loan early should you wish and with most bank mortgages, you are able to rent out your North Cyprus property too (some require notice that you intend to do that).

So, there you have, a brief rundown of financing options for buying your home in North Cyprus!  If you need any help, advice, or just need pointing in the right direction then feel free to send us a message!

Reputation is Everything!

It goes without saying, that when you are looking to invest in a property in North Cyprus, that you need to do your research.  Making sure you are dealing with a reputable property developer is obviously a major factor in who you end up buying your property from. essential cyprus and kensington

One thing that is noticeable recently, particularly via the Facebook grapevines at least, is the increase in people looking to escape the UK, to find both warmer climes and a more stress-free lifestyle.  The result, perhaps due more and more to the Covdi pandemic, has subsequently seen many of us re-evaluating life and making changes.  As we have all learned, life can be very short.  investing in north cyprus

 It is sometimes a nerve racking time for students who are thinking of studying overseas as part of their life experience, let alone for their future studies and careers, so what does North Cyprus have to offer students in the way of a social life when coming to study here at one of the prestigious university campuses that are fast gaining a worldwide reputation for excellence?

One school making inroads into the quality and level of education in North Cyprus is the English School of Kyrenia.  Formally opened in September 2008, its ethos is one of academic and personal growth, establishment of social skills combined with an excellent standard of education. If you have relocated to North Cyprus and are thinking about placing your little cherubs into the education system in North Cyprus then this particular school may just appeal.

North Cyprus has a raft of higher educational facilities, technical colleges and universities, with most being run on a private basis.  Students can travel to North Cyprus from all over the world to study a broad range of subjects, and universities in general have an extremely good reputation.  If you are relocating to North Cyprus with children of higher education level age, then you will be spoilt for choice with excellent opportunities at some outstanding facilities.