The last Census to be held in North Cyprus was in 2011, when everyone residing or holidaying in North Cyprus was required to stay at their place of residence so that the population could be counted.

The results of this census gave the total number of permanent residents (defined as those who reside in a place for a year or longer) as 256,644, and the number of people who were on the island on that day as 265,100.

This produced an amazing increase in the permanent population with Kyrenia having an increase of 60%, Lefkosa 37%, Famagusta by 21%, Iskele by 14% and Guzelyurt by 13% since the last census.  The permanent population had increased as a whole by 36%, with a total of 138,568 males and 118,076 females living in North Cyprus.

There are no statistics on the balance of local Cypriots, foreigners, religions or other ethnic groups, but we can at least reach the conclusion that the population of North Cyprus is most certainly on the increase!

The last census held was in 2006 when the population totalled around 166,049.  Censuses are normally held every decade in North Cyprus, with the next one due to take place in 2016.


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