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The recent history of Cyprus is almost as turbulent as the island’s ancient history, and it has resulted in us living on a divided island to this day.  There are many books written about the Cyprus Divide and we can only suggest that knowledge is sought by yourselves in to how this divide came to be.  Below we state what is known and agreed upon, but should you be interested to know more and read various individual’s opinions on the complex and highly emotive subject then please visit our books section for some well researched material on the matter.  We have gained most of our information from the CIA World Factbook.

Since 2003, the north and south of Cyprus have been accessible to each other via several checkpoints along the Green Line, all of which were opened as part of efforts aimed at reuniting the two Cypriot communities. 

Today Europeans and Cypriots are able to use several border crossings in Cyprus, whether it’s to shop, trade or work.  Currently there are 9 checkpoints open to pedestrians and/or traffic and below we will detail these for you.  It’s worth noting that another checkpoint in Yeşilirmak on the far north-western tip of Cyprus could be set to open shortly and we will keep you up to date on that!