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Started in 2004, the North Cyprus Friends of Karpaz Association is comprised of local residents and other interested parties who wish to protect the much coveted Karpaz region in North Cyprus.  For many years now the area has been a valuable home to the traditional rural way of Cypriot life as well as the islands most ecologically diverse landscape.  Friends of Karpaz will do its best to keep it just that way.

KEMA, or the Cyprus Foundation for Combating Soil Erosion, for Reforestation and the Protection of Natural Habitats, was formed by around 40 people under the leadership of Dr. Orhan Aydeniz in 2005, amidst growing concern about the deforestation and destruction of natural habitats throughout North Cyprus.

Zakad, or the Olive Tree Protection and Research Association, was formed in 2003 by Cenk Soykut and other Turkish Cypriot friends, all of whom were concerned about the destruction of the ancient olive tree population in North Cyprus.  Due to the major rise in property construction, trees that had been growing for hundreds of years were being felled, making way for apartment blocks and houses.

What can we tell you about water in North Cyprus, apart from the fact that this small island doesn’t have much?

The situation in recent years has become more and more serious, and in other related articles we will attempt to educate and inform people about this issue – which is not about to go away in the foreseeable future, as weather predictions show that more dry and hot weather is likely in the years to come.

Some general electrical information for you first, and that is that North Cyprus runs at 220/240v AC 50HZ 240, and wall sockets are generally of the U.K. three-pin type plug variety.  However, lots of items that you will purchase in TRNC will be of the two-pin plug type, and therefore it is wise to purchase some plug adaptors which you can get in supermarkets or from any electrical retailer.

BIO-DER, otherwise known as the Cyprus Turkish Biologists Environment Research and Protection Association, is an extremely passionate organisation aimed at bringing attention to environmental issues that should concern us all in North Cyprus.  Having been originally formed in 1999, they are now a potent force for all things environmental.