Things are looking a little bit more positive with a brighter future perhaps on the horizon after the TRNC government announced a lifting of travel restrictions this week – just as the summer season begins! north cyprus summer 2021

Such a country as North Cyprus, so heavily reliant upon tourism as a huge part of its economy, this can only be seen as a good thing.  To miss another season of summer visitors is pretty unthinkable for many people and businesses who rely totally on the summer season to see them through the winter months.

north cyprus summer 2021

Whilst the country continues its successful vaccination roll out, with daily average case numbers in the 20’s (at the time of writing), the government have seen fit to start allowing travellers arrive, with certain conditions.  This relates of course to entries into North Cyprus via air, land and sea ports.  Be careful to note that those arriving into South Cyprus, but wanting to travel through to the North, are subject to the regulations in place coming into South Cyprus, which do differ from North Cyprus!  Also entering South Cyprus means you will receive (as a tourist) a 90 day visa, and that you should exit the island via South Cyprus too.

north cyprus summer 2021

A multiple traffic light system for North Cyprus, featuring Green, Yellow, Amber, Red, Dark Red and Grey has been introduced, listing countries that come into those colour categories.  Entry within those colour countries is also split into those who have received both their vaccinations or none at all, and also whether a person has been diagnosed with Covid previously.  It perhaps sounds complicated, but, it is actually really quite clear once you have gotten your head around it!

Internal borders have also now opened, having been closed for what seems an age – both Turkish and Greek Cypriots can pass the crossings across the country, as well as 3rd country nationals too, as long as they produce a PCR test at the time of crossing. However, for those British nationals who live and reside in North Cyprus, who want to cross for the day to do some shopping, it could be a different story, having now left the European Union.  Only time will tell whether they will be given some kind of ‘special’ dispensation!

north cyprus summer 2021
Credit : Havadis Gazetesi

While it may still feel too much hassle for many travellers, it does bode well for the forseeable future and has caused much excitement!

Some very useful websites to check, should you be looking to travel to North Cyprus this year, with all the information and details you may need :

Recommended Information Sites

As with all things, it is a changeable situation, with category countries being assessed every week, so if you are planning to travel to North Cyprus, keep checking for regular updates.

We do hope that this is the start of good things which will only get better for us all.

Please use these websites for information and updates at all times.

InfoNorthCyprus – great for updates on category countries and procedures

Government civil aviation information – this refers to travel notifications

Home Quarantine Requirements – which includes payment and downloading of the Stay Safe app to phones.

Current restrictions within North Cyprus – further information on internal restrictions and curfews in North Cyprus


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