Several nations’ embassies, high commissions or foreign missions are located in North Cyprus and they can help with varying issues such as passport renewals, birth certificates, legal advice and much more.  Local Turkish Cypriots wishing to travel to the countries which are represented on the island are required to visit the relevant nation’s offices to obtain visas for their journey.

You would probably be surprised at the amount of information and advice that these offices can give you.  Below are the main offices available in North Cyprus, they are mostly located near to the Ledra checkpoint area in Lefkoşa.  Be aware that some of the offices such as Australia’s only operate on a clinic basis, opening twice a week in the North, so it is always wise to call ahead and book an appointment or check opening times.  Each website mentioned provides details such as opening hours, the services the embassy offers as well as maps and directions to the offices.


‘Australia Place’ – Australian Information Bureau
20 Güner Türkmen Street,
Lefkoşa, North Cyprus

Telephone: +90 (0)392 2277332
Fax: +90 (0)392 2285458


French Cultural Information Centre
(Association Culturelle Française Chypriote-Turc)
1, Hasene Ilgaz Street,
Lefkoşa, North Cyprus

Tel: +90 (0)392 2283328


German Embassy (North Nicosia Information Office)
No:15, 28 Kasım Street,
Lefkoşa, North Cyprus

Telephone: +90 (0)392 2275161


Turkish Embassy
Bedrettin Demirel Avenue,
Lefkoşa, North Cyprus

Telephone: +90 (0)392 2272314
Fax: +90 (0)392 2282209  &  +90 (0)392 2285518


British High Commission (North Nicosia Office)
Shakespeare Avenue
29, Mehmet Akif Caddesi,
Lefkoşa, North Cyprus

Telephone: +90 (0)392 2283861


American Embassy (North Nicosia Office)
20, Güner Türkmen Street,
Lefkoşa, North Cyprus

Telephone: +90 (0)392 2272443



The TRNC is represented via ‘representative offices’ and consulates in many other countries around the world.  The locations of these offices are useful to know, as you may perhaps need official papers such as a power of attorney notarised at their offices if you are unable to travel to North Cyprus for any reason.  Most unfortunately don’t have websites as they can be in obscure countries, but two which do are: –

The UK –

And Germany –

Alternatively you can try searching Embassy World but it doesn’t seem to have too much information at the time of writing!  You can also google your particular nation to see if there is a representative office in your native country.




  1. Hello,
    Please could someone tell me if with an invitation to Danmark you can get the visa here at They German Embassy?
    Thank you

    • Thanks Vanini,
      We would really suggest that you contact the embassy directly as we can’t answer that for you.
      Sorry, good luck – Ed

  2. Hello

    I m PhD student in EMU in North Cyprus so I want to travel to Germany for a week so can I take tourist visa for a week in Germany Embassy with out invitation letter?

  3. i stay south CY , i did like to go turkiye istambol travel 15 days about .can you give me advice how can i take visa ,and what to do?

  4. Please can someone tell me the requirement of Germany embassy for fresh student trying to vist Europe for the first time

  5. I have uk travel document to visit north cyprus i need to get visa or not ???

  6. Md Al-Amin Reply

    Hello sir
    I am a student of European University of Lefke in Northern cyprus. I have invitatiob lettar from Germany
    I am a Bangladeshi passport holder
    I want to go to germany for 15 days after my semester
    Where do I apply for the visa ??

  7. Hi I’m student in north Cyprus and I’ll have nterview for USAembasy soon but the location they wrote refers to Greek side which I cannot go there can anybody help me what I nedd to do to change it from Greek side to North part?I mean lefkosia

  8. I am a new student in europen university of lefke, i wish to travel to france for my semester holiday in January, can i get a visa from north CY here and how easy is for me because am a Nigerian.

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