When travelling to North Cyprus the majority of nationalities only need be concerned with having a current passport that has at least 6 months validity remaining.  Citizens of all EU countries together with Australia, Canada, Iceland, Israel, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore and Switzerland do not require a visa prior to travelling.  Other nationalities should check with their local embassy office, or indeed visit the offices of the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus (TRNC) if they happen to have a representative in your native country.

However, do remember that at the moment those who fly to Ercan have to land at a Turkish mainland airport first, and Turkish passport and visa requirements may differ.

Passports will be stamped with a 30-day visa at passport control on arrival to North Cyprus.  As most visitors on holiday will only require this as a maximum then you need not be concerned about overstaying.  However, rules can change very quickly and you may find that a 60 or even 90 day visa stamp has been issued!  It is worth asking for a longer visa at passport control if you intend to stay over 30 days as they can give a discretionary automatic extension.

If you do intend to stay longer than your stamp allowance it is possible to visit one of the immigration departments which are located in the larger police stations in Lefkosa, Kyrenia or Famagusta.  They have the authority to extend your stay.  For children up to the age of 18 travelling to North Cyprus there is no time allowance restriction.

Whilst it is completely unnecessary, as visa stamps for the TRNC in passports are not illegal in any other country, including Greece or south Cyprus, you may, depending on what you have heard, prefer to not have your passport stamped on arrival and departure.  If this is the case then tell the official and they will provide you with a separate visa entry form which is then stamped and needs to be kept for your departure when it will be stamped again.

If you intend to visit the south of the island during your stay, then again you will just need to produce either your existing visa paper if you did not want your passport stamped on arrival, or complete a new one at the checkpoint.  You generally do not need to show your passport again in the south side unless you are specifically asked for it. The process is then repeated on your return.  If you arrive into and depart from North Cyprus via the south from Larnaca or Paphos airports for example, then the above process is also applicable.

However, should you arrive into North Cyprus but then leave via the south of the island, then you have effectively initially arrived via an ‘illegal’ port – according to the Greek Cypriots – and you may be in for a nasty shock as they will more than likely turn you back, so you need to enter and leave via the same location.  It may sound strange for visitors, but this has happened before as people are sometimes unaware of the restrictions imposed by the Greek Cypriot authorities.

You can get complete and up to date information from the offices of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in London, telephone +44 (0)207 631 1930, or from the Turkish Tourist Office, telephone +44 (0)207 629 7771.

Should you wish to learn more about permits for working and living in North Cyprus, border crossings or Embassy and High Commissions located in Northern Cyprus, then please visit our Relocation, Border Crossings and Embassy sections.



  1. hello.i”m from iran if i wanna come to north cyprus i have to get visa inside my country or i get visa insid air port.i have to get one way ticket or two way beacuse.next cyorus i want to go istanbul… than you

    • Hi Farzad – all we think you need to do is arrive and you will receive an automatic 90 day visa. After that you might be able to renew for another 90 days by visiting the immigration police. Ed

  2. hello Sir,Madam,
    Im vilma a filipino national ,I am planning to go visit North cyprus By July ,Sir Madam
    do i need to get a visa in My country? What are the requirments ,
    I thank you for Your kind and attention,
    sincerely ,vilma

    • Hi Vilma, we believe that you would most likely get a 30 or 60 day visa stamp when entering North Cyprus. You don’t mention if you are going to visit for long? You would need to get it renewed but that is not a given!

      • Hi,

        I’m a Philippine passport holder and I need to go to Northern Cyprus and stay for 10 days. Do I need to have a Visa from Turkey or I don’t need any visa?
        I really hope you can help me on this. Thanks!

        • M.saqib naseer Reply

          My passport is stamped .I want to ask what is this stamp .I came to cyprus study visa.I was sent back from the airport to Pakistan because of University issues .I want to ask, now I can come across someone on study visa .work visa.

  3. hii admin please i m in north cyprus and i m student and i m pakistani nationality and i m wanna go to turkey how i m apply in north cyprus my passport new 1 year fresh visa now please tell me thank you

  4. Hello Sir

    I am a Cameroonian by Nationality living in UAE with a Dubai Residence still valid and I want to Visit North Cyprus and stay there for a period of 30 Days. I don’t think there is an Embassy here. Is it possible for me to get Visa on Arrival? What do I need to show to them before they give me this visa


  5. dr.samira.G Reply

    dear sir or madam
    i will have tripe for vacation 1 week but i don’t like stamp visa in my passport because i will be apply for sheingen visa next month i asked some European embassy they told me its better stamp is not in my passport.thank lot
    best regard

  6. Hello everybody,i’m from south Cyprus(i belong to the catholic minority,my mum is German and my father Maltese but was born in Istanbul) .I was born in Nicosia and i’m planning to live with my filipina fiance in north Cyprus with my son(almost 2 years old and also a filipino citizen) can my fiance and son be allowed to live in north Cyprus with me?looking forward for your reply,thanks.

  7. Dear Sir,

    Im an Iranian Passport Holder and Resident of the United Arab Emirates. I am willing to travel to Ercan with Turkish Airlines , will I be getting an on arrival visa or do I have request for a visa.

    Thank you

    • Mohammad Mizanur Rahman Reply

      Hello Admin,
      i am From Bangladesh,
      i am searching work permit of north cyprus,is it possible to get work permit?
      please reply to me and give guidelines

      • Hi Mohammad – the only guidance we can offer is that a company has to invite you to work for them – a work permit always has to be attached to a company.

  8. ancella diamse Reply

    hi madam/sir,
    im a filipino and i want to travel to north cyprus,do i need visa to go trnc?i hope you can help me.

  9. ancella diamse Reply

    im planning to stay for 30 days,do i need a visa from my country?what are the requirements needed!

  10. omar sliman Reply

    I am Libyan Citizen should I need visa to study in the north Cyprus

  11. hi sir/madam,
    i am filipina married a cypriot man,but am in philippines right now,do i need a visa to come there or i will show my married contract .pls.advise me.

  12. Hi sir maam,
    Im ordinary passport holders, im here in hong kong for work.and i really want to have a vacation in north turkey for 10 days,do i need visa requirements?!
    Thank you

  13. Norberta bognalos Reply

    hello,sir i’m planning to visit the Cyprus one of my friend invite me to there what I’m going to do?

  14. kasim umar Reply

    My name is Kasim Umar from India.
    I want to know about the Northern Cyprus Visa requirements for Indians ?
    I want to come there on visit visa & migrate in to a Work Permit or Residence visa.
    I have completed my bachelors in Commerce and having 5 years of Experience as an Accountant.
    so can I get the job easily there or can I migrate in to a Work permit ?
    what is the procedure ? plz tell me.

  15. Hi madam/senior
    I am from Philippines married to American we are planning to come visit NORTH CYPRUS I do believe I don’t need a visa to visit there but I want to know what ducuments or anything that they will be asking me before I enter NORTH CYPRUS.

  16. Hello!
    I am working in TRNC with my husband we have a baby left in philippines age 1 year can we take her with as what are the requirements we are please to here a reply because we can’t find someone to look after her in our country its more better i think if she is with us.

  17. Edna Merida Reply

    Hi I’m Edna, I am from Philippines, I want to visit my friend at Northern Cyprus and spend my holiday for 2 weeks.I want to know if I need visa going there? where i can I get visa here int the Philippines?

  18. i’m planning to move in north cyprus for study can we get the extend letter from immigration for this oct intake

  19. Hello… I’m jheyll a Filipino citizen I have plan to visit my friend Turkish in Cyprus not more than 30 days. I’m here in Kuwait working.. What should I do and what are the requirements to come in cyprus

  20. Good day., sir/madam I’m jheyll a filipino citizen .I have friend in cyprus and I want to visit her when I’m taking vacation in my work here in kuwait, can you help me what I need to do please thank you

  21. To whom it may concern,
    I was wondering if canadian travel document holders who are permenant resident with expired iranian passport need to get prior visitor visa for northen cyprus or they can get an entry visa by the time they get to Ercan airport?
    I couldn’t find proper answer on different websites.

  22. Merheba!

    I am an American citizen who has bought a home in TRNC with plans to retire there. Although I regularly obtain my visa at the airport when I visit, my new wife is from the Philippines, and I would like to know what is the procedure to obtain a visitor visa for her to come with me and my children in the summer. Can you please advise about the process? (It is worth mentioning that I am an expat working in Saudi Arabia and any visas would have to be possessed from that location).

    Thank you,


  23. Benjamin k. Kolako Jr Reply

    I am a foreign student in Ukraine and a Liberian by nationality. I have a friend schooling in Northern Cyprus and I want to pay him a visit. How can I obtain a Northern Cyprus Visa in Ukraine??What are the documents Required?? Where can I get A Northern Cyprus Visa in Ukraine Kiev?

  24. Ryan Porter Reply


    I am a South African citizen, living in Turkey with a Turkish Residence Permit. Do I need a visa to enter North Cyprus?

    Thank you for your assistance!

  25. Bertrand tabe Reply

    Please l live in dubai were can l book a visa to come to north cyprus am a cameroonian national

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