Besides all other forms of communication here in North Cyprus, there is still the good old trusty ‘snail mail’ postal service too!

The postal service here is run by PTT and there are offices in all major cities, towns and villages.  Postage stamps can be purchased in many denominations, and a normal standard weight letter will cost you around 50krs (20p) to post to most European destinations.  Delivery times vary, but more often than not it will take at least week to reach its destination.

Incoming post however is a different kettle of fish, and there have been many problems recently with post possibly not arriving on the island at all.  Some advice for sending post to North Cyprus would be to ensure that you have the correct postal code.  Every piece of mail should have ‘Mersin 10, Turkey’ noted at the end of the address.  This add-on effectively routes post to Turkey, and from there they know that it needs to come to North Cyprus.  If ‘Cyprus’ is used it will be delivered to the south of the island, where you may or may not find it being re-routed correctly to the North.

Staff will also ask you if you would like your post sent normal or registered, the latter being a more fail-safe way of sending post as it can be tracked, although no one we know of has ever had to ask for something to be tracked when sending mail from North Cyprus!

The larger post office branches also have PO Boxes, although unfortunately these come up for rental vary rarely – if you do have one and don’t need it then please hand it back to the staff who can then rent it out again!  Cost for renting per year will cost you 25ytl (approx. £10) as at 2008, and it’s a nice way of ensuring your post is in one place for collection when you have time.  You can also rent one between a few families if there is a limit on boxes available at your local post office.

Post offices can also sell you phone cards for use at public booths, and government stamps which are needed for so many different things that it’s impossible to list them all here – look out for their mention in other articles such as work and residency permits, taxing cars etc, as you will need them for any official documentation requirements.

You will also find from time to time that the postal service releases stamp sets; these are often released at certain specific times of the year such as in the spring, or before particular bayram holidays etc.  So, if you are a budding philatelist (stamp collector to you!) then keep your eyes peeled as they are not very well advertised, although Cyprus Today gives them a mention every now and again.

The Post Office have also launched their very own website –  It’s full of great information such as branch locations, articles about stamp collecting, the services available at the post office, pricing and much more.  However, the English version has not been completed yet.  The Turkish version is complete though, so if you’re up to speed in Turkish then great, if not maybe check back in a few months and hope that they have updated the site in English.  The initial Turkish launch is a good move and the site will indeed be very useful when fully operational in English too.



  1. Hello,
    Please help me out, I am trying to send a letter to North Cyprus to a friend in EMU. But I am not sure if the address order is correct. Please tell me if this looks right.

    Via Mersin 10 Turkey
    Eastern Meditarranean University.
    Sabanci Dorm Rm *****
    Famagusta, 33 000

    Is this how the address should be ordered line by line?. Because I don’t think Famagusta is in Istanbul. I also looked at EMU’s website and their address is written very different, for example, they had Mersin 10 at the end.

    Thank you very much.

    • Hi Leo, always use MERSIN 10, TURKEY at the end of the address. Take note of the EMU website! All post to North Cyprus goes via Turkey first and when they see Mersin 10 they know it is to go to North Cyprus. Don’t put Istanbul, whatever you do!!

      • Please my uncle want to send me a laptop from canada. Which adresse should he used? I am in Famagusta North Cyprus and an EMU student.

  2. Hello
    i need to ask … my father sent me a package from England by the English company ” parcel force” . so when it comes to cyprus will they bring me in my dorm or i have to go to take main post office or post office in EMU campus ?
    thank you

  3. hello a friend is trying to send me things to famagusta cyprus where i live. how can she di that? i am at EMU and i live off campus

    • Hi Kazhan – do EMU not have the facility to receive post for students? Alternatively you might need to visit your local North Cyprus Post Office to see if you can collect from them? Ed

  4. Please what’s the regulation for sending in cosmetic goods in North Cyprus. It’s personal goods and about 400ml. So id like to know if there are any special procedures and will I be charged for this by the Cyprus postal service?

    • Hi Nesta, sorry really no idea! You don’t say if it is a small package which we are sure would be fine, but if you are looking to import wholesale goods then you really need to speak with someone in the know in customs maybe? Ed

  5. Dear All. I am looking for a philatelist in TRNC who can help me complete my First Day Cover collection of KIBRIS/EUROPA I am presently looking for 1989,1990,1992,1995,1996,1997,1998,1999,2000,2001,2002,2003,2004,2005, 2007, 2008 and 2009
    PLUS THE UNMOUNTED MINT SETS OF 2006 and 2009 Than You

  6. Need to arrange for ladies ring ( left at Salamis Bay Conti by mistake ) to be posted to England .
    Please advise procedure for registered Post and probable cost .
    Regards Arthur Will

  7. Can anyone help me I posted a letter to my country {MALI} and I was told that it does not reach; is there any solution; in others words what should I do?

  8. Hello,
    My family had recently mailed a parcel for me to my address in North Cyprus. However, neither them nor I were aware of the requirement to add ‘Mersin 10 Turkey’ so the package has remained undelivered after five weeks of its dispatch.
    Can you please guide me how to recover the parcel?
    Thank you.

  9. I have send a parcel by dutch post to Cyprus (Cratos Hotel).
    But it did never arrive, it is on the Greek side and it doesnt come to the Nothern part.
    Why doesn’t international post know that you have to put Via Mersin 10 Turkey on the parcel.
    Maybe communicate with the EU countries about this?
    I am really angry.
    The parcel was a birthdaypresent for my friend, worth about 200 euro and now she has nothing.
    Why cant you do like adult people and work together as northern and greek post?


  10. Hello, I planning to send a packet from North Cyprus to Istanbul (between 10-20 Kilo). I like to check out prices before. Is there a webpage in English? Or does anybody know the rates. Thankx

  11. hello admin ,
    I live in famagusta . I wanna buy something through internet for example (ebay , amazone.. ege..) but I don’n know How i write address in net..
    please help me .. beacause i bought something before my stuffs is delivered to another cyprus zone .. and my items is gone..
    from the list of countries which country I select?

  12. Is there any safe and faster delivery from instanbul to north Cyprus because someone wants to send me a parcel from instanbul to north cyprus

  13. Merja Niemelä Reply

    I sent some cards when I was in Kyrenia on 16 August, to Finland. They haven’t arrived. How long can it take? At least 3 weeks?

  14. I want to send my sister a laptop. Is the custom duty charged upon receipt in north Cyprus?

  15. AHMED ZAWIA Reply

    i do have my son is student at EMU university i would like to send for him some goods through the PTT
    kindly please provide with you correct postal address

  16. Marjorie Smallcorn Reply

    How much does it cost to send a letter to north Cyprus from England? The letter weight is 9g

  17. Hello my name is Jerry, I’m expecting a package from my Mum in the United state and I don’t actually know the Northern Cyprus post office address. Can some one help me with the exact post office address

  18. Hi there,

    I wonder where I can find a post code for an address in Famagusta, North Cyprus.

  19. in north Cyprus and i have a package coming from Emirates now its in mirsen..i just want to know much time it takes for the package to get to northern Cyprus because its already been 14 please

  20. Please my uncle want to send me a laptop from canada. Which adresse should he used? I am in Famagusta North Cyprus and an EMU student.

  21. Marcella Thompson Reply

    So that mean I will not received my goods cause I just indicate my address and northern Cyprus only

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