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You could say this is writing for the record, for the North Cyprus history books.  It will certainly be documented elsewhere but we felt it necessary, for our own memories, to write about the period in time where life stood still for the world.  North Cyprus will not get much attention for its efforts to defeat Covid-19 on the world stage, so we will shout about it here!

 Qigong.  Pardon, what did you say?!  Ok, so the name looks a bit strange and you may have to look at it twice to be able to pronounce it, but on researching for this ancient Chinese practise we now can’t stop saying it!

Qigong, also known as Chi Kung, has been used for over 4,000 years both as a medical healing exercise and a spiritual development aid.  

You may be surprised to see an article on cosmetic surgery in North Cyprus within our articles on tourism, but it does deserve a mention as ‘medical tourism’ does seem to be gaining in popularity with those seeking to either preserve or enhance their looks, or deal with a certain aspect of their body that is causing them to feel low.

Previously clients have travelled long-haul to the Far East or Eastern Europe for cosmetic procedures, but with North Cyprus only being a short journey away from most of Europe, it is becoming a more favourable option for many.

For couples who are experiencing fertility problems and who are looking to pursue options for treatment, then North Cyprus is certainly a location that’s becoming a popular choice for many.  In part the relaxing pace of life and warm climate help couples feel more relaxed about treatment, then couple this with the growing number of experienced doctors who are internationally qualified and you have a good location for fertility treatment.

Costs are obviously a large factor for many couples in deciding where to seek fertility treatment options, and as North Cyprus still has relatively low living costs compared to many others, and with its location being a short journey from many parts of Europe, it is becoming more favourable than travelling to other international destinations requiring long haul flights.

Baby Cord is a concept that has been pioneered in the United States for over a decade – the procedure involves baby cord blood being used to treat a number of illnesses in children such as life threatening diseases and disorders.  This procedure is one which North Cyprus is involved with as well.

Baby cord blood is proving to be a vital medical resource in fighting devastating chronic and acute diseases, and is invaluable for research for many others.  A “haematopoietic” stem cell is the type of cell collected from umbilical cord blood which can multiply and develop into the major components of bone marrow, blood, and the immune system.  Other sources of such stem cell collection are bone marrow, which involves a much more invasive and painful procedure to obtain.

When considering a move to another country there are many things to think about apart from the initial thoughts of ‘am I doing the right thing?’  In this article we will assume that you have already decided to relocate to North Cyprus, after having done the appropriate research!

Depending on your reasons for moving to North Cyprus, whether it is to move your whole family for a new start, retiring to enjoy your time in a Mediterranean climate, or whether you wish to find work, we will attempt to offer some tips and advice.  Also note that our Property section will give you insight into finding a home on the island.

North Cyprus has a wonderful reputation for its ability to form effective and extremely helpful organisations to benefit the local and expat population.  Some of these organisations form a group of charities dedicated to those who have fallen ill through cancer.

Their duties and services vary, but all have the same aim, and that is to provide professional, financial, medical, and psychological support through their network of helpers and volunteers.

There is a long way to go in North Cyprus with regard to introducing alternative therapies and medicine into the mainstream, but there are signs that a change is in the air, mostly from the European community, who perhaps have realised that there is a need for alternatives to drugs and placebos.

You can find a lot of alternative therapists on the great little Buzz Book website, www.thebuzzbook.com, and listed under ‘medical.’  You may be pleasantly surprised at the different types of practices available to treat a variety of ailments and illnesses.  In this article we will detail as many as possible, giving you information on the people to contact and their speciality!  Please be advised though that we are not aware of their individual qualifications, so make sure that you ask in advance of any treatment.