For couples who are experiencing fertility problems and who are looking to pursue options for treatment, then North Cyprus is certainly a location that’s becoming a popular choice for many.  In part the relaxing pace of life and warm climate help couples feel more relaxed about treatment, then couple this with the growing number of experienced doctors who are internationally qualified and you have a good location for fertility treatment.

Costs are obviously a large factor for many couples in deciding where to seek fertility treatment options, and as North Cyprus still has relatively low living costs compared to many others, and with its location being a short journey from many parts of Europe, it is becoming more favourable than travelling to other international destinations requiring long haul flights.

Another reason can also be that patients must feel relaxed and at ease during treatment, and North Cyprus can be the prefect place to unwind and feel less stressed and anxious giving treatment a greater chance of success. Some sun, sea, sand and the chance to enjoy a vacation can be just what is required to enable clients to feel at their most comfortable at what can be a very stressful time.

Perhaps another bonus is that the laws and regulations governing sperm, egg and embryo donation here in North Cyprus are more relaxed, meaning less impediments for treatment.  This does not mean however that the practice is not strictly set to high ethical standards, governed and monitored with doctors trained and qualified on an international level in reproductive medicine and authorised by the Ministry of Health to practice here.

There are two major centres in North Cyprus and they are the North Cyprus IVF Centre located in Lefkoşa and the Cyprus IVF Centre in Famagusta.  Both have gained good reputations for their success rates for various kinds of fertility treatments, and both show professionalism and standards which have impressed on an international scale.  The organisations themselves have been established since 2001 and 2005 respectively, are affiliated with the German Hospital IVF Centre in Istanbul which itself has been running since 1996.

Various options for both male and female fertility issues are available, such as IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation) with sperm donation – whereby eggs are removed and fertilised externally with donated sperm and returned to the uterus – or by ICIS which is administered by micro injection.  Other options are available for couples who have experienced continual miscarriages or concurrent unsuccessful IVF treatments, as well as embryo freezing and assisted egg hatching.

Of paramount importance is the diagnosis and identification of the most suitable fertility treatment option open to a client, the centres themselves have the most up to date fertility technologies and are fortunate enough to have some leading pioneers of fertility medicine on their staff, hopefully offering clients every conceivable chance of starting their own family.

If you are interested in finding out more about fertility options available in North Cyprus, then contact details for both organisations are as follows:

North Cyprus IVF Centre, Lefkoşa

Website :

Email :

Tel : +90 (0)548 882 8000 / +90 (0)548 876 8000

Cyprus IVF Centre, Famagusta

Website :

Email :

Tel : +90 (0)548 840 2050


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