You may be surprised to see an article on cosmetic surgery in North Cyprus within our articles on tourism, but it does deserve a mention as ‘medical tourism’ does seem to be gaining in popularity with those seeking to either preserve or enhance their looks, or deal with a certain aspect of their body that is causing them to feel low.

Previously clients have travelled long-haul to the Far East or Eastern Europe for cosmetic procedures, but with North Cyprus only being a short journey away from most of Europe, it is becoming a more favourable option for many.

‘Medical tourists’ are not your average vacationers either, not opting for medical or cosmetic treatment just because it is available, but they are patients with significant health concerns for whom the cost of their healthcare is a primary concern.  The vacation aspect is normally a secondary one as it could be that affordability and quality of healthcare and cost savings make it more viable to travel abroad.

There are several private hospitals in North Cyprus that have cosmetic surgeons on their staff, and they will have been through years of studying, training and qualification either in Turkey or another country that has top institutions, universities and medical facilities such as Germany or America.  They also have to be registered and endorsed by the Ministry of Health Department in North Cyprus to be able to work and operate here.

If you do choose to research cosmetic surgery in North Cyprus you should feel pleasantly surprised that there are a range of options, surgeries and facilities that can accommodate you.  Private hospitals have a good reputation here for professionalism and excellent hygiene standards too, again this is becoming something that is a bone of contention in other parts of Europe these days.

There is one company that can help you in your search for attaining the best of what’s on offer here in North Cyprus and provide you with a complete service by organising your trip, surgery and after-care.

BFN Cosmetic Consultancy was set up by an English lady, Hellyn Fairbrother, after her experience of having cosmetic surgery which gave her a new lease and look on life.  She was so pleased with her results that she, in conjunction with her Turkish Cypriot partners, started the company to offer those seeking cosmetic surgery a route to make the process easier, less confusing, more personal and comfortable.

They can offer you a complete service, with only one surgeon contracted to work for them, the same surgeon who operated on Hellyn.  They provide a very personal service, discussing surgery options, booking flights, collecting clients from the airport on arrival, using top class hotels for their clients’ stay, giving 24 hour care, consultations, post operative checks and clients can also bring a partner or friend to make them feel more comfortable.  They make it a top priority to make clients feel confident about their surgery and ensure that the best medical facilities are used.

A range of procedures are catered for, and each is carefully detailed with what the results will and will not do for a client, avoiding any confusion and making the decision process a little easier.  All clients are given an individual service, price quotations are provided after a detailed discussion and analysis of the issue they would like to deal with, and if agreed upon then BFN will organise the rest.

If you are interesting in finding out more about cosmetic, aesthetic and plastic surgery here in North Cyprus then BFN can be contacted by email at: –, or in North Cyprus by telephone  +90 (0)392 815 0762.  You can also check their website for all available surgeries, details on the company and all relevant risks associated with cosmetic surgery: –



  1. how much does breast implants cost and do you use the water and salt method or only silicon?

    • Hi Sireen,
      We are not the actual company! As no one on the Essential Cyprus team has had any procedures (like this anyway!), we can’t help you there unfortunately. Try searching in the article for the links we provided, which should point you in the right direction.

  2. joanna thrasivoulou Reply

    hi my name is Joanna I live in paphos and would like to get my breast done have breast inplants can you tell me how much it will cost me please because they told me in nicossia it costs 4000-5000 EUROS please let me now thank you you can send me a message on my phone or by email thank you 00357 – 96248144

  3. joanna thrasivoulou Reply

    hi my name is Joanna thrasivoulou I live in Cyprus paphos I wont to have breast inplants and I would like to know how much they will cost and if I have to pay for the surgery straight away once they are done or I can pay for them monthly ……. thank you pleased to here from you

    • Hi Joanna, sorry no idea personally! Please have a read of the article and then search for companies that deal with cosmetic surgery in North Cyprus. Ed

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