One thing that is noticeable recently, particularly via the Facebook grapevines at least, is the increase in people looking to escape the UK, to find both warmer climes and a more stress-free lifestyle.  The result, perhaps due more and more to the Covdi pandemic, has subsequently seen many of us re-evaluating life and making changes.  As we have all learned, life can be very short.  investing in north cyprus

investing in north cyprus

With the move here to North Cyprus, the issue of searching for property may be well the hardest thing you will have to do, the rest can be relatively (and we mean relatively!) stress-free.  Don’t forget, we all come to live in a hot country which holds on to its ‘slowly slowly’ lifestyle, and you need to get into that mode for sure – it will help!

Most people who are looking to permanently relocate to North Cyprus may end up renting for 6 months to 1 year, so they can settle in and see how things go.  Those of us who may just want the home and the life without being apprehensive, find the property, bring our belongings and settle straight in!  Everyone is different of course, and we all have choices.

So, perhaps we can also add some information and benefits to think about, should you be looking to jump over the water.  North Cyprus has certainly seen increased attention, after recent articles, one such by Forbes, highlighting North Cyprus as one of the top beachfront residential investment locations for 2021.  But also we should give ourselves some credit, as it is pretty clear that people are more and more savvy these days, looking at non-European destinations, where generally our money goes that little bit further.

beaches north cyprus

So, why Invest in North Cyprus?

A Non-European country, located in the Mediterranean, with property prices in sterling and far cheaper than many popular European destinations. Following Brexit, relocating to popular European destinations, such as Spain, has become more complicated, making North Cyprus a very attractive alternative.

Healthcare standards in North Cyprus are impressive and very affordable in comparison to the UK.  Where you might have to wait over a year to see an NHS consultant in the UK these days, you may well find that going private in North Cyprus is not such an expensive nor time-heavy proposition.  Consults are quick, diagnoses are thorough and, should an operation be needed, you will be on the schedule within the week.

Education options are plentiful, with the state system and private education offering all age groups a good standard of learning across the board for all ages.

Residency for North Cyprus the process is much easier and simpler than ever, with online systems granting residency permits for those wishing to stay for more than 3 months at a time. The cost fair and not prohibitive- in fact is far cheaper, and easier to obtain, than many other relocation destinations.

The cost of living is a fraction of that in Europe, utilities are cheaper and property is plentiful and competitively priced. Eating out can be extremely cheap compared to the UK, weekly shopping costs, whilst on the rise, are affordable for more.

FinanceInterest rates on deposit accounts for sterling and US dollars offered in North Cyprus banks can be upwards of 4%.  Relocating your savings can also have an effect on how you are able to live, with many retirees on decent pensions being able to live entirely off the interest from their savings.

investing in north cyprus

We hope that has given you some food for thought on the benefits of investing in North Cyprus, buying a home, and coming to live on this wonderful Mediterranean island.

All those benefits and we didn’t even mention the wonderful beaches!

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