If there is one thing that all of us suffer from, when looking at property to buy in North Cyprus, it is the mind-boggling amount of property on the market!  It can be a real time-consuming project, sifting through pages and pages of property choices, in all sorts of places, shapes, and sizes.

apartment property north cyprusBudget will obviously dictate as to what kind of property you would end up buying of course – but the location may well be the deciding factor in your final choice.  It all depends on where you want to be!  All you really need to decide before you start the viewing process is where you might want to end up in this wonderful island.

If your budget means you are looking to buy an apartment in North Cyprus, then you still have a very very wide choice of property to choose from, all is not lost!  However, you will find that generally, unless buying in the centre of towns and cities, where you will come across singular apartment buildings, you would be buying a property on a larger site a distance away from the major hubs.

For example, if you are looking at the Kyrenia/Girne area, then towns that are very popular for North Cyprus property investors tend to be places like Alsancak, Lapta and Karşiyaka to the west, or Çatalköy, Arapkoy and Esentepe to the east.  Often not more than a 30 minute drive into Girne you can have the best of both worlds, less busy where you live, and the ability to drive into the hussle and bussle when you fancy!  If you are looking at the Famagusta side then Iskele and Boğaz to the north of the city, along the coast, are areas of development most popular for property buyers.

apartment property north cyprus

Buying on larger sites in the end, tends to be a lot of people’s choice because it also generally means that these kinds of sites are maintained and managed in your absence.  A big bonus for a lot of people, although of course there would usually be monthly maintenance charges to pay.  Gardening and pool maintenance, as well as communal lighting and other utilities, are looked after by a management company set up for the purpose of managing these things on behalf of owners.

Of course, as a foreigner, buying an overseas property, it can also be a very good way of meeting people, other homeowners and forming communities who often holiday and live on site at the same time.  Many long-lasting friendships have been formed along the way.

Most of the newer and bigger sites springing up nowadays feature onsite restaurants and bars, along with activities and entertainment, which is great, if you like that sort of thing when you are on holiday or living abroad.  It can be fun, but for us, it also a little too noisy and crowded.

apartment property north cyprus

There are, thankfully, a few more private, smaller sites that have not pandered to the masses and provide those wishing for some peace and quiet, a sanctuary of calm!  With fewer apartment blocks and keeping things low rise with a maximum of 2 floors, things feel a lot less crowded.

These days property prices in North Cyprus have risen, however, they are still very competitive with those in other Mediterranean locations, so you can still get a lot for your hard-earned money.  Apartments can start from around £35,000 for Studios, and generally around £40-50k for 1 bedroom.

Use your bargaining skills too, often you can still haggle on the price, negotiate a good payment plan if you need one, and perhaps get your white goods and/or air-con thrown in too!  Nothing wrong with that and we highly encourage you to do it!

If you are looking for an apartment property in North Cyprus and need some advice or help, then we can help.  Please do feel free to contact us via our Property Referral Service Page and we will point you in the right direction!


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