Once a sleepy little coastal Cypriot village, Bafra (also known as Vokolida), situated in the district of Iskele, has seen a massive explosion of growth over the past 10-15 years!  With some stunning beach areas, the government of TRNC decreed this a designated tourist area in 2006 and since that time has offered tenders to developers to come and invest in the area.

bafra north cyprus

Since then it has become a place of 5 Star quality in North Cyprus with various hotels taking up the opportunity to invest in an ever-growing touristic haven.  Located north of Famagusta, which is about a 40-minute drive away, and close the wonderful Karpaz Peninsula, it takes about 1 hour to get from Ercan International Airport in Lefkoşa.

The local population have hopefully benefited from the rise in business, with many now working at the local 5 Star hotels and casinos, and other businesses which have sprung up nearby, such as a local medical centre, creche and taxi rank.

bafra north cyprusThe first hotel to invest in the area is named the Kaya Artemis, a huge beast of a hotel, with 734-bed capacity.  Artemis being the Greek god of the hunt and of childbirth and chastity; also associated with the moon; daughter of Zeus and Leto, it certainly lives up to its mythical name, featuring huge Grecian style statues and columns!

Since, then more hotel resorts have arrived with a total of 5 now fully open and functioning, including Concorde Resort, Limak Cyprus Deluxe and Noahs Ark.  All of these stunning resorts offer a complete lifestyle for it’s guests, due to the distance from the major cities.  You don’t have to leave and you want for nothing!  Complete with numerous restaurants, shops and activities for everyone, with their own exclusive streches of beach.

bafra north cyprus

We say 5 because there is another that has taken up residence in Bafra and that is Thalassa Beach Resort.  Slightly different in that it is not a hotel, but a residential resort, so people own property here.  This is a very much a family orientated place, with lovely beach, spa, restaurant, gym, watesports and plenty of activities for all ages.

The local municipality also has a very nice public beach for all to enjoy with sun loungers and eating facilities.  There are ongoing plans for this area with more hotels, golf course, conservation area and much more.

bafra north cyprus

Aside from the tourism aspect to Bafra, it has a pleasant coastline with a little lighthouse and you can visit a little ruin called Kudor, an open air temple.  Discovered in 2018 it features remains of a Phoenician temple, it appears that the ‘sacred’ site was 11m-by-6m in size with its ends pointing east to west. It was situated in an area said to be the “lost city of Knidos”, although no “accurate information was found”.  Interesting stuff!

If you are out in that direction then why not pop along, if only to see the huge hotels that continue to pop up!


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