Baby Cord is a concept that has been pioneered in the United States for over a decade – the procedure involves baby cord blood being used to treat a number of illnesses in children such as life threatening diseases and disorders.  This procedure is one which North Cyprus is involved with as well.

Baby cord blood is proving to be a vital medical resource in fighting devastating chronic and acute diseases, and is invaluable for research for many others.  A “haematopoietic” stem cell is the type of cell collected from umbilical cord blood which can multiply and develop into the major components of bone marrow, blood, and the immune system.  Other sources of such stem cell collection are bone marrow, which involves a much more invasive and painful procedure to obtain.

Over the last few years, the procedure has become a huge success as it requires only blood to be taken from the umbilical cord by needle after it has been separated from the baby after birth, meaning no risk to baby or an invasive procedure.  For many years the umbilical cord has been discarded, but stem cell research has found that it can be a life saving option for many people.

A wide range of diseases, disorders and life threatening illnesses can be treated successfully with baby cord blood including stem cell disorders, acute and chronic forms of leukemia, myeloproliferative disorders, various types of anaemia, thalassemia (which is prevalent in Mediterranean countries), lymphomas and many more.  In addition to the host of conditions that can now be treated there are also trials into the possibilities of its use for conditions such as Osteoporosis and Sickle Cell Disorder.

Umbilical cord blood stem cells are controversy-free and offer advantages over other types of stem cells.  While a baby’s own stem cells are a perfect match (100%) for family members, there is a good probability of a match for siblings, parents and or grandparents too.

Once cord blood has been collected and analysed, procedures are in place to inform donors of how many cells were preserved, and then this will be stored at state of the art cryogenic laboratories from where you can request them if required for later treatment of a condition that requires the use of stem cells.

Baby Cord Cyprus, based in Lefkoşa, has been running since 2002 and has affiliations with Baby Cord Turkey and also adheres to the New England Cord Blood Bank, Inc.. NECBB is the world’s premier cord blood bank with experience in cryogenics since 1982 and cord blood banking for the past decade.

If you would like to find out more about Baby Cord and Blood Banking please visit the following websites for more detailed information – unfortunately at present the Baby Cord Cyprus website is only in Turkish, but we are assured that on contact, English is also spoken.

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Information can also be found via the following websites:

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