Visitors to Northern Cyprus are spoilt for choice when it comes to ‘places to see,’ and whilst you might feel that there is not enough in one place you can always take a day to explore places, fit in some shopping, have some lunch at one of the many restaurants around, and take in the sights in one area. 

Perhaps you might like to see some of the history of a town or city such as Lefkoşa or Kyrenia, and there are several museums that can occupy you for hours on end and all within walking distance of each other in either location for example.  The area of Famagusta is a real treat for those who love a day out spent exploring ancient ruins too, you must visit the mystical Othello’s Tower.

Of course a visit to North Cyprus would certainly not be complete until you have spent some time visiting one, or indeed all of the castles on offer, and there are four of them just waiting to be explored!

We will do our best to open your eyes to the best places to visit and will continually add more options and alternatives for you as we actually go to see them for ourselves – sometimes when you live in a country you don’t get out to see much, but for the sake of the site it’s really rather important wouldn’t you agree!

Please visit our sections which we have split into areas, West of Kyrenia, Kyrenia, East of Kyrenia, Lefkoşa, Famagusta and Karpaz, so that you can at least see what you can tackle in one day, and what to save for another.  In addition visit our articles on museums and castles for example, within our Sightseeing Section, to find out more about what to see and explore at these sights.  Hopefully this should give you a few ideas and point you in the right direction to find out about the many places of interest in North Cyprus.

Happy sightseeing!


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