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5 Good Reasons to Visit North Cyprus

5 Reasons to Visit North Cyprus

 So you are looking at where to go for your well deserved and anticipated, sun drenched summer holiday?  Well let us tempt you with some very good reasons why you might well consider taking your holiday in North Cyprus! 1 – Beaches The beaches in North Cyprus can cater for all your tastes and … [Read More...]


Marriage and Weddings, North Cyprus

Marriage and Weddings in North Cyprus

If you are thinking of taking the plunge, getting hitched, tying the knot or making it ‘official’ so to speak, then there are places of romance all over the world where you can do so, but a great option and perhaps … [Read More...]

Duty Free and Tax Free Shopping, North Cyprus

Duty & Tax Free Shopping in North Cyprus

A nice little treat for most of us are the cheap goodies we can buy coming in and out of North Cyprus!  Note that there are limitations on what you can bring in and what you can take out however, (taking out is more … [Read More...]

Beaches, North Cyprus

Beaches West of Kyrenia, North Cyprus

North Cyprus has some wonderful beaches, and whether it’s long soft stretches of sand you’re looking for or indeed some rocky little coves or deserted coastline, then there is something on the island for everyone.  … [Read More...]

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Learning Turkish in North Cyprus

Learning Turkish North Cyprus Style!

Now that you have relocated to North Cyprus perhaps it’s time to learn the lingo and at least try your hand at mastering some of the Turkish language?!  There are various ways you can go about finding the many … [Read More...]

Relocating, North Cyprus

Relocating to North Cyprus

When considering a move to another country there are many things to think about apart from the initial thoughts of ‘am I doing the right thing?’  In this article we will assume that you have already decided to … [Read More...]

Residency Permit, North Cyprus

Residency Permits for North Cyprus

If you’ve retired or perhaps taken early retirement and moved to North Cyprus with no intention of working ever again, and you just want to spend your time relaxing, taking up a hobby and socialising, there’s … [Read More...]

Car Buying, North Cyprus

Buying a Car in North Cyprus

So, you’ve finally relocated to Northern Cyprus and you want to get around and need some independence – i.e., you want to look around for that ideal form of transport, the car! Buying a car here is actually really … [Read More...]

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